Is This My Last Baby?


There’s a mini crib in my bedroom, parked at the foot of my bed. It has been there since the middle of 2015. We had snagged it on an amazing clearance deal for our baby at the time. It fit our room well, was a great addition to our cramped house, and was less flimsy than a pack and play.

It held my first baby from when she was six months until she was about eleven months and she finally moved into her own bedroom. My second child took up residence there from the newborn stage in the winter of 2016 and stayed put for almost a year. Then it went on to hold my newborn son for a year as well. After that, it became a nap time sanctuary for my preschooler, who has dropped naps this year. Needless to say that crib earned it’s keep in our house. It stands now, no longer used for a child but rather a clutter catcher or gigantic laundry basket.

crib | Providence MomIt holds so many memories. It was the first spot newborns were placed, and the place many of the stood for the first time, and I’m torn at what to do with it. To get rid of it feels so final. I know I can always buy another if need be, but to me it’s symbolic. Currently there are no more plans for another baby. My husband and I haven’t discussed if our youngest now is the last one. We know God has a sense of humor and we still are on the younger side. I’ve heard that some families know for sure when they have their last baby. People talk about the last firsts’, and that’s not something we’ve been focusing on!

What’s next?

We have 3 children within 3 years of each other, and I’m not sure we can handle another child right now, but my husband teases we will just have another batch down the line. I look at him like he’s crazy. The door appears to be closed for now but there doesn’t seem to be a lock on it.

Perhaps I should take it apart and tuck it away. Perhaps we will use it again someday, and perhaps it will collect dust. Perhaps I’ll get some answers when I willingly offer it up to a friend or family member to fill with their own memories. I guess we’ll just wait and see!

What part of family life are you on? Anxiously awaiting the first? A new sibling? Soaking up your last baby moments?