Season of Change; Embracing Winter


Winter snuck up on us and I couldn’t be happier. Yes, you heard me correct, I’m excited that fall is over. For years the first leaf would drop and my heart would skip a beat. That small leaf meant that all things pumpkin were about to begin, sweaters and layers were coming back, and campfires were about to be a weekly occurrence. Fall was, by far, always my favorite season. Now with a school-aged child, I hesitate to say this but fall might actually be my least favorite season and I didn’t see that change coming!

Years ago I loved unwinding in front of a campfire but now we’ve had to adjust to our school and extra-curricular activities. We struggle to find any downtime. After pickup we rush home to prepare dinner, review homework, prep lunch for the next day, shower, read a book and maybe watch one show before bed. Repeat for days. It is exhausting.

My love of layers has been replaced with a love of simplicity. Summer means underwear, shorts, shirt, socks and shoes (and a quick sunscreen layer)…that’s it. With winter here, I’m able to put long pants and sweaters on. While layering for me is a comfort thing, layering children is torture!

I have a new appreciation for winter. When it snows, school is canceled and that gives me an excuse to say no to plans and embrace some playtime with my little girl. No one expects anything of people in the winter. It is perfectly acceptable to not have plans on a weekend and to just enjoy family time. We sled, build snowmen, read books, do crafts, watch movies, play games, build forts, bake/cook and play dress up. I get to see the joys of winter through her eyes. During other seasons I miss how relaxing it is to be snowed in!

Spring is when we emerge from our hibernation of winter. We rejoin the world of visits with friends and start to prepare for summer. The excitement of school coming to an end starts to set in. This always feels like one of the quickest seasons mostly because my daughter rushes in summer as quickly as she can.

My new definition of summer is the first day my daughter ventures into our pool. It’s always way too early but she just can’t wait. Joys of summer have changed for me since becoming a mom. I always enjoyed the summer because I’d go to concerts or outside dining. Now daily swims and summer vacations are what I love most.

I can find something I love about all the seasons of the year, but it’s become apparent that winter currently has my heart. If anyone needs me I’ll be happily snowed in with my little family!

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Jane was born and raised in Rhode Island, where she lives with her husband of a nine years, her 7 year old daughter, and an incredibly handsome bulldog. She loves food (but can't cook!), playing games, baking and sangria. She works in finance, and frequents all things kid related in Rhode Island. Though she is a full time working mom, she makes the most of the after work hours with her daughter by crafting and baking together, meeting princesses and attending Zoo School, and never turns down a play date. With all that, she still tries to make room for girls nights. She enjoys shopping for baby showers (a little too much maybe), party planning, and finding the perfect custom ETSY gift. She is the first to lend a helping hand, and goes above and beyond to nurture and care for the ones she loves.