Alicia is the rookie mom on our Providence Contributor Team. Her first child, a girl, is due in August. Alicia is thrilled to be writing about the joys(?) of pregnancy and those early days of motherhood after her little one arrives. (She’s heard the first months are a breeze so she’ll have plenty of time to blog away.) Alicia grew up in Seekonk, MA and has lived in Orlando, Nashville, and most recently Eugene, Oregon. However, she couldn’t stay away from the Providence area any longer. She is currently an attorney in Seekonk and a contributor for the Huffington Post. Alicia enjoys not camping, spending time with her cute, librarian husband and Uncle Tony’s pizza.

Moms in the Arts: Rachael Warren Talks Motherhood and Acting

Rachael Warren is a Rhode Island treasure. She has been a company member of Trinity Repertory Company since 2002 after dazzling Providence audiences with her debut performance as Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady....

Moms in the Arts: An Interview with Melissa Bowler

Melissa Bowler is a comedian and a creator. She is currently the Executive Director of the Providence Improv Guild, a Simulation Specialist at Women and Infants Hospital, and a Communication and Teamwork Consultant for...
Target Nap Service April Fools' Day Providence Moms Blog Seekonk

Seekonk Target to Launch Nap Service for Moms

  SEEKONK, Ma. - If you're a tired mom who shops at Target, you may want to head over to the Seekonk location starting next week.  The big-box retailer is rolling out the revolutionary nap time...
labor and delivery class providence moms blog

Thoughts During Labor and Delivery Class

Is there really a way to prepare for a human person exiting your body? I don’t think so. In fact, I even questioned attending the Labor and Delivery class being offered by Women’s and...
letter to my dog before having a baby Providence Moms Blog

A Letter to the Dog

Dear Dog, I often wish you could speak English. If only to tell you that the FedEx man on our doorstep does not intend to murder me. Also, the biscuit from that nice lady at...

Our Children, Ourselves (Unless We Have Something To Say About It)

In preparation for the arrival of our first child, my husband and I recently took inventory. Not of car seats or onesies but of our own, less desirable personality traits. What characteristics of ours...