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The Ongoing Process: How to Support Someone Who Has Had a Miscarriage

I wish I could tell you that I am not qualified to write this, but I am. Seeing as 1 of every 4 women is qualified, more people will relate to this than you...

The Best Friend I’ve Never Met

“You talk to her more than I talk to anyone…ever,” my husband exclaims as he hears another message pop up on my phone. He’s not exactly wrong. We chat throughout the day and into the...
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It Only Takes a Second: Saving My Daughter From Drowning (Twice)

As a parent, you hear so many horror stories, and many of them stay with you. Images from news articles become burned into your brain. Headlines make your stomach turn. And while so many...
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Backyard Water Fun Activities

It’s officially summer! As romantic as that sounds, every parent knows what that really means: kids with lots of energy who need a way to have fun and cool down. No budget for an...
young boy watering plants Providence Moms Blog

Digging for Worms – How to do Unplanned Projects with Toddlers

  I am the first to admit that I am not good at planning activities or projects for my children. The thought of paint all over their hands and then my entire kitchen gives me...
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Wanted: Mom Tribe

Remember that feeling in middle school, when you were new to a class and you stood to the side and watched a group of girls who had been friends forever?  Should you say hi?...
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Why I Love Munroe Dairy Home Delivery

“Mom!” my daughter yells to me, standing on a chair so she can see out our front window. “You have to come look at this’’s a COW!” My husband and I laugh, but...

I Want My Mom! How Parents Shape Our Parenting

              When I began researching and looking at colleges I wanted so badly to go far away from home. I was tired of the area I grew up in and wanted to "spread my wings."...

Bye Bye Binkie!

      “Bye, bye binkie, binkie bye-bye!” Elmo’s song came through the iPad. My daughter stayed locked in, but quietly shook her head at it. It was as if she was saying, “Elmo, I like you,...
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Just Because I CAN Do It, Doesn’t Mean I SHOULD: DIY Birthday Party Edition

I am a self proclaimed DIY addict. There I said it, admitting it is half the battle, right? If I think there is a remote chance I can make it or do it myself,...