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woman wearing watch using her phone

Technology is a Life Saver Sometimes

I am currently on a Facebook fast as I write this post. I have not surfed Facebook in almost three months! I have gone on periodically only to share blog posts to my page...

Why I Need to Get Back to Yoga: Self-Care?

I’m not one to tell other moms about self-care. While I’ll admit that it’s necessary; I also admit that I’m terrible at it. I took a few fabulous Buti Yoga classes last year. It...

ASMR: Does Your Child Have It? Can You Use It To Your Advantage?

When I was little I’d often have sleepovers with my favorite cousin. At bedtime, we’d talk and do something that we (oh-so-creatively) call “write on arms”. It’s just what it sounds like. We’d take...
Toddler girl with brown hair in flowered dress washing a car. Providence Moms Blog post on chores.

If You Give Your Kid a Chore: One Mother’s Recipe for Getting Stuff Done...

If you give your kid a chore, you’ll feel proud of yourself for teaching him a new life skill. If you start feeling proud you’ll want to announce it on Facebook. If you announce it on...

Relying on the Kindness of Mothers

I’ve always been old for my age. When I was young, playing with my cousins, I’d tire of the silly play much earlier than them. I’d get serious. I’d get a little (or a...

“Who Is Jesus?”: Another Mom Fail Story

One day a few years ago my son and nephew were talking as the adults served up food for a holiday feast. Out of the din I heard my son ask “Who’s Jesus!?” All eyes...
bus stop written on street in yellow paint

Giving My Son Independence Gave Me Freedom Too

I let my 8-year-old walk home from the bus stop today.  All by himself. And it was fine. And I think I just got a lot of time back in my day. My son takes the...
Kids fighting with sticks Providence Moms Blog

I Don’t Get Involved: I Absolutely Let My Kids Keep Fighting

  It’s Friday afternoon. We’ve just come back from picking up my younger son at preschool. The ride home was relatively quiet. The boys listened to music and I thought, “this is nice.” As soon as...

Let’s Talk About Race, Baby

I’m relatively new to this racial idea exploration, and I feel really strongly about ideas of fairness, so bear with this somewhat disjointed ramble. You may be surprised to learn that I’m new to...
woman lying face down on cracked ground Providence moms Blog

Shhh…Don’t Tell My Kid I’m Bad At Failing!

We are supposed to teach our kids that failing is how you learn. And I do tell my 8 year old this a lot. He is smart, so school subjects have come easily. Sports...