Amanda Teixeira

Originally from right over the border in Attleboro, MA, my family and I have lived in Northern RI for about 3 years now. We love raising our growing family here. I'm a licensed therapist in RI and MA and currently do private practice therapy. Outside of work, we love to spend time exploring nearby parks, hiking trails, playing outside and keeping it pretty low key with spending time at home, watching movies, and having play dates with our friends.

Dont Forget About The Placenta!

Are you currently in the season of planning for your birth or finalizing any of the decisions for this powerful experience? I see a lot of “tips for creating a birth plan” on the...

Using Social Media with Intention (For Moms)

If people in our lives don't share our values, visions, or feelings, it can be lonely. Social media can be a great opportunity to connect with people whose values align with our own. I love...

From Home Birth to NICU; A story of autonomy and empowerment

When my partner and I decided to try for our second in 2020, I knew without a doubt I would have a home birth. I knew deeply this was the right choice for me,...

Goodbye, Mom-Guilt: Letting Go and How To Do It

Being a first-time mom is challenging. You are initiated into a completely new human experience.  There's a lot to navigate during this period. You’re getting to know your new baby and yourself, and your family...
A measuring cup full of powdered baby formula

A Look at The National Formula Shortage {With Resources}

  The national formula shortage is a crisis for families across the country As a mother who is watching other mothers share their stories about how they cannot find their baby’s formula, with pictures of empty...
Mother looks out a window holding baby

Have You Checked in With Your Nervous System? Subtle Signs Your Mental Health Needs...

The nervous system is often referred to as the “heart of our experiences” and internal surveillance systems. Our fight, flight and freeze response. From our experiences, we adapt our survival responses which can become...

7 Tips for Successful Hiking with Littles

I have always been drawn to nature. I love camping, hiking, and honestly, being outside just sometimes helps my stress levels decrease and gives me some mental clarity. Once I became a mom, I knew...
wild child walking path through woods

The Comparison Trap; Learning to Embrace my “Wild” Child

To the mama of the wild child, the spirited child, or strong-willed child, whichever label you identify with, or has been placed upon you, you know who you are… The child who seems to have...