Amelia Sugerman

Amelia lives in MA with her husband, their son, Cole (2016) and doggie, Layla May. She graduated from Syracuse University, works full time as a public relations manager for a travel company, and sits on the board of Girls on the Run Rhode Island. She can’t function without to-do lists and coffee and loves being outside, traveling, the Red Sox, and Narragansett. She believes every mom (working, stay-at-home, or work from home) should cut themselves some slack when it comes to right or wrong.
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Living My Very Best Life

Lately, I am living a little bit of a double life. Before you get all judgy on me, listen for a second. My son has been my entire world for the past 3+ years...

When It’s Your Turn To Be The Village

Last week, my best friend experienced a family emergency and needed to leave town very quickly without much notice. When she asked if I could stay with her three kids for the weekend, I...
Photo of woman looking at the reflection of her eye in a small mirror with a building and snow in the background. Providence Moms Blog post on self care.

Running on Empty: Why I’m Focused on Myself in 2019

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that being a mom (and a wife) to a two-year-old with a full-time job, volunteer commitments, and a tiny blogging gig doesn’t leave a ton of...
Two women standing by a birthday cake with lit candles. Image in Providence Moms Blog post on life lessons

Life Lessons from the 35 Years I’ve been Around

As I approach my 35th birthday, I chose to reflect on a few of the things I've learned since 1983. Mother’s Are Usually Right I call my mom approximately 10 times a day. My husband has...
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Saving and Spending: Simple Tips and Tricks For Your Budget

When I was born, the first thing my parents did was open a college savings account (529 plan). My mom jokes that my financial advisor father was really annoyed that you have to wait...

Loss of Life: A Postpartum Journey

As a working mom with a ferocious two-year-old, my days (and nights for that matter) are a super calculated balance of work, play, snuggles, and sleep. I get up early -- like before the...

Seeking Simplicity; Five Times It’s Really Okay to Spend a Little More!

Sometimes life gets really overwhelming and I find myself racking my brain for ways to save time (and my sanity) for the important things in life. As a working mom to a ferocious two-year-old,...

Raising Children in a “Right This Instant” World

I was lying in bed this morning when my son somehow managed to escape the watchful eye of my husband, fly up a flight of stairs, and announce his presence at the foot of...

To Beach or Not to Beach with Baby this Summer

I hear from parents all the time who think we’re crazy. You see, we are a beach family. From Memorial Day until Labor Day, you can find us at the beach every weekend during...
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Dealing With Mom Guilt as a Working Mom Who Travels

As a working mom at a successful travel company, there are times of the year that I am called away from my desk to spend time on the road. I really do feel blessed...