Ashley Clement

Ashley and her husband lived in Chicago for the better half of a decade, but when their son was born it became apparent that their mothers would go broke coming to visit, so they moved back home to Southeastern MA, to the town they grew up in. When meeting new people one of these subjects will inevitably come up: She’s one of eight sisters, she used to be a flight attendant, she loves all things crafting and planning. Ashley is currently living her life long dream of being a Mom.
summer back to school

Yes, It’s Summer, but Back to School Begins Now

You may be reading this at the beach; while the kids are at camp, and you’re at your work desk (we won’t tell); maybe in the middle of the night by the hum of...
young white boy at the beach under colorful umbrella

Ice Cream Tuesdays: Tips for a Peaceful Trip to the Beach With Kids

Every Tuesday morning during the summer my 6 year old son and I hop in the car and head to the beach. I’ve been bringing him since he was a toddler, usually on my...
mini vacation | providence mom

How to have a Mini Vacation; Picking, Planning, & Packing

My husband's job as a chef has never allowed us to have a ‘normal’ schedule. Those week-long vacations to far away places that other families seem to enjoy have always been outside our realm...
Aunties on Mother's Day

To the Aunties, on Mother’s Day

You probably won’t get a Mother’s Day card today. You might get a shout-out on Facebook, or even a lucky few will get a present, but traditionally you won’t be the one getting recognition....
raising earth conscious kids

Raising Earth Conscious Kids: 8 Tips for Your Home

There was once a woman who every time she cooked a ham in the oven, she cut the top off, so that it was flat. When a friend asked why she did this, her...
plant with heart celebrating Valentine's Day

Love’s Different Languages: Celebrating Valentine’s Day

When I was a kid, coming downstairs on Valentine’s Day morning was always exciting! Mom and Dad, as well as each sister, would put a valentine at our spots on the table, and there...
tidy home

A Tidy Home: 4 Resolution Tips For Keeping Your Home Neat This Year

New Year’s Resolutions are upon us, and maybe yours, like countless others, is to finally keep your house tidy this year. Below are tips we’ve incorporated into our own household routine that have helped...
memory makers children decorating cookies | sharing the holiday load

Memory Makers: We Can’t Do It Alone; Sharing the Holiday Load

The singer Robbie Williams recently said something about his wife in an interview, and it’s been floating around my head ever since: “She’s like a Professional Memory Maker when it comes to the holidays.” Initially I...
voting with children

Raising Future Voters

The 19th Amendment to the United States Constitution: “The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account...
Theme Day Snowflake

Theme Days for Homeschooling Young Children: 138 Ideas

I want to start out that this is meant to be a resource for all those parents who find the idea of “homeschooling” their preschool, pre-k, or kindergarten child/ren daunting, and don’t know where...