Ashley Clement

Ashley and her husband lived in Chicago for the better half of a decade, but when their son was born it became apparent that their mothers would go broke coming to visit, so they moved back home to Southeastern MA, to the town they grew up in. When meeting new people one of these subjects will inevitably come up: She’s one of eight sisters, she used to be a flight attendant, she loves all things crafting and planning. Ashley is currently living her life long dream of being a Mom.
holiday shopping spelled with scrabble tiles

How To Organize Your Holiday Shopping

There are facts about holiday shopping that feel inevitable: Holiday Shopping is overwhelming. Keeping track of who you need to buy for (and have already bought for) feels chaotic. Keeping track of what’s wrapped...

Our Family Yearbook

My husband’s and my anniversary is coming up, and so, like I do every year, I’m here compiling the pictures from our phones, Facebook, and Instagram to create the annual ‘Clement Family Yearbook’. While...

5 Summer Tips for a Better Back to School

Ah, the middle of summer. Maybe you, like countless other families, have eased into a gloriously relaxed summer schedule. Late-night firepits, pajama day number two in a row, or three, or four…. However, have...
a shiny make up bag with an open zipper showing a jumble of make up inside

Learning How To Do My Makeup “Just Because”

This summer I decided I wanted to challenge myself to step outside of my comfort zone and learn one new thing “Just Because.” I wanted to refresh something in my life, just for ME. When...
a lunch table is set with two salads

Meal Planning: Making Life A Little Easier

Having to figure out dinner every single night is one of the hardest tasks we face as parents (right next to raising good humans, and never ending laundry). Here’s how I personally go about...
Screen Free Sundays

No Screen Sundays

When our son was about 2 years old we started getting worried about balancing screen time with playtime. However, we also knew that getting rid of screens completely was not the solution for us....
family surrounded by moving boxes

Moving With Our 6 Year Old

Last year our family was finally able to start hunting for our “forever home.” After renting for 14 years, we were SO excited to start looking for our own house, but also very aware...
working out white woman on ago mat in green grass

Working Out For Those Who Don’t Like To

Spoiler here: I don’t like working out. I don't like to sweat. I don’t crave the soreness of muscles and whatever endorphins they release. This is not written by someone who’s about to tell...
summer back to school

Yes, It’s Summer, but Back to School Begins Now

You may be reading this at the beach; while the kids are at camp, and you’re at your work desk (we won’t tell); maybe in the middle of the night by the hum of...
young white boy at the beach under colorful umbrella

Ice Cream Tuesdays: Tips for a Peaceful Trip to the Beach With Kids

Every Tuesday morning during the summer my 6 year old son and I hop in the car and head to the beach. I’ve been bringing him since he was a toddler, usually on my...