Beth Northup

In 2010, Beth, a native Oregonian, moved to Rhode Island in hopes of becoming a high school teacher. Ten years later and she is married to a native Rhode Islander, a mom of an almost two-year-old, and an elementary Assistant Principal. As a working mom, Beth's mission is to balance marriage, toddlerhood, work, and her "me time". Beth has fallen for the Ocean State thanks to Seven Stars Bakery, Brickley's, Waterfire, and Narragansett Town Beach. On most weekends she can be found enjoying breakfast at a local cafe, chatting with the Cranston librarians, or watching her son admire the giraffes at the Roger Williams Zoo.

“Gung hay fat choy” – Celebrating Chinese New Year

My grandmother was Chinese. Her family lived in the Canton region of China and she spent a majority of her life in Portland, Oregon. As a mom of four, she taught my dad, the...
Instant Pot Applesauce

The Best Instant Pot Applesauce Recipe

The Best Instant Pot Applesauce Over the past month, I have literally made quart after quart of applesauce to find the most perfectly seasoned flavor. My toddler, coworkers, and neighbor have voted, so get your...

12 Days of Christmas Tradition Reimagined

When I was in high school, I nannied for a woman named Annie. She absolutely loved Christmas, and the opportunity to participate in the season of giving. Every year, she asked her friends to...

The Easiest Pecan Pie

Every Thanksgiving since I can remember, my family has made this pecan pie recipe. It reminds me of my childhood in South Carolina, thanksgiving afternoons with family, and a fierce game of spoons! This...
house with for sale sign

Buying and Selling A House During a Pandemic: A Multi-Part Series

Buying your first house in your twenties is different than buying your second home for your growing family. Additionally, buying and selling during a pandemic can make the process more stressful, but could also...
toddler in crib with birthday balloons

Celebrating Birthdays During a Pandemic

In our house, celebrating birthdays is BIG! My son was born two days before my husband's 30th birthday, and since then I have tried to ensure both birthdays are equally celebrated. So, we...