Brenna Anderson

Like most people, I have triggers and wounds that had me living what I called “below the surface” for years. My journey has been what some would call “a messy process.” For most of my life, I lived with unprocessed grief and fear. Intellectually I knew it was there, I understood it, but nothing changed. I thought I would always live with anxiety that made me feel like I was choking, feeling like I could not breath, and with panic attacks. A turning point came when I found salsa dancing. I began to enter my body in a whole new way: slowly, and with curiosity. I combined that with somatic therapy and my life noticeably began to change. My healing journey has helped me become a better parent, partner, friend and human. I am fascinated with all healing modalities and have studied them extensively over the years. I became a certified Sex, Love and Relationship Coach through the Tantric Institute and a trauma informed movement practitioner. Currently, I live in East Providence, Rhode Island with my husband, daughter and son. I run a somatic movement coaching business called Agent Healing and it is my passion to help women move into living their most empowered and authentic life.
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The Journey from a Traumatized Reality to Post Traumatic Growth

“I have bad news. I am sorry. You have cancer.” Sitting in the cold clinical doctor's office on a snowy, cloudy January day in Chicago, I was 6 months postpartum with my daughter, and...