Brooke Rainville

Brooke has spent most of her life in Rhode Island, having grown up in Foster, and moving back to RI after high school in Foxboro, MA. Since becoming a foster parent in 2005, she has cared for 8 children with special needs. The first child placed in her home is now 22, and continues to both brighten and challenge her days. She is stepmom to two young children, who brighten and challenge her days in totally different ways. Brooke has worked with people with special needs for 17 years and currently works as a case manager for children with autism at a non-profit in Southeastern MA. She feels strongly that raising tiny, adorable beings up into functioning, kind, emotionally stable adults is hard, and we all, as mothers, aunts, stepmothers, foster mothers, friends, and grandmothers, have a role in making that easier for each other. Every child (and adult for that matter) we come into contact with will either be better or worse off for the experience, and we should take that seriously, while extending grace to those along with us on this journey. Brooke is passionate about serving others (although she sometimes struggles to do so cheerfully) and advocating for those who can not advocate for themselves. She loves Jesus, a well made gin and tonic, home renovation, and overlooking the dog hair on her floors.

Meals for Kids in RI and Beyond- Homebound Help {COVID-19 Resource}

As new guidelines and recommendations for public safety are released, we encourage you to call businesses to ensure whether they are open. Meals for Kids  You can search for meal offerings by location at this link...
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Coffee Break with SuperMom Christine Lowe

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2018 Providence Moms Blog Reader Survey and a $50 Target Giveaway

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They Don’t Call Me Mom: The Making of a Stepmom

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