Chelsea Boucher

Chelsea was born in Providence and spent her early years in Pawtucket, before moving to South-East MA. She was recently called back to Rhode Island where she purchased her first home. As most moms do, Chelsea wears many hats these days. She’s been married to her husband for 10 years and spent her early 20s supporting him as he served in the United States Marine Corps. She has a one year old son, Cannon, who keeps her on her feet and a smile on her face. She owns a fitness and wellness studio in Rehoboth, called Barre & Moon. Where she spends quite a few evenings and weekends working with an amazing group of empowered, positive women. And when she’s not doing all of that, she is working part-time as a Special Education teacher in Foxboro. Chelsea attended both the University of North Carolina-Wilmington and Bridgewater State University, graduating with degrees in English, Elementary Education and a Masters in Special Education. Education is greatly important to her, and she continues to stay updated on current teachings in education/child psychology. She loves Starbucks, and all things Target. Exercise is a huge part of her life, anything from yoga, to barre, to weightlifting, to just chasing her son around on the playground! Staying active and having fun with family and friends are what she is all about.
child in hospital bed after febrile seizure

Febrile Seizure Awareness

The other day my son had a febrile seizure. I had no idea what that was or what it meant for my sweet 3-year-old boy. All I knew was that a seizure was something...

Becoming a Part-Time Mom

I've have been extremely blessed since my son has been born to only work part-time. When he was born I was working as a 5th grade Special Education Liaison. While pregnant, I worked full-time...

Potty Training Regression: What They Don’t Tell You Online

Regression:  the act of going back to a previous place or state; return or reversion. I've only been...
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To Potty Train, or Not to Potty Train?

So we (and by we I mean I) decided it was time to start potty training. Did my pediatrician tell me it was time? No. Has my mother in law been telling me for...
toddler boy sitting at table Providence Moms Blog

Turning Two: Watching My Baby Grow Up

“Little boys should never be sent to bed early. They always wake up a day older.” -Peter Pan There’s a really good chance I’m writing this after a glass (or two) of wine. The struggle...
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Getting Uncomfortable: Stepping Outside My Comfort Zone to Find Happiness

When you face that figurative fork in the road, which way do you go? I’ve spent so many of my years following in the path more traveled that I know for sure I’ve missed some...

How DO People Have More than One Kid?

Photo credit: Haven Photography   People keep asking me, "So when are you having the next one?" "Do you want more?" even the nurse as I was leaving the hospital, "I'll see you back for...
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Setting Intentions, Not Resolutions in 2018

What's your New Year's resolution?? It's a common question you hear, and probably even ask, toward the end of December or early January. What is that relatively empty promise you made yourself to either stop...
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“I’m Not a Regular Mom, I’m a Cool Mom”

Before children (B.C.) there is this lust for life in you like no other. You can stay up late, you can sleep in, be hungover, call out of work, go on vacations, eat sitting...
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That Time of Year: Grounded in (Holiday) Tradition

This time of year has always held a magical quality for me, even more so as an adult than a child. I've already raided the dollar section at Target for stocking stuffers and cute...