Emily Howe


Our Last Vacation Before Covid

In March of 2020 (man does that seem like a lifetime ago), my husband surprised us with a trip to Arizona. He had been traveling for the last 3 weeks being in Las Vegas,...
cape cod beach path

If the Walls Could Talk

I often love driving around or looking at Zillow and looking at houses. I always wonder what kind of stories would be told if the walls could talk. My grandparents bought a house on Cape Cod...

Dear Preschooler- We’ll still Celebrate

Buddy! This was going to be your year, you were finally going to join your big sister at school. You were going to make your own friends, wear the same uniform she wore, and finally...
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Five Hundred Twenty Five Thousand Six Hundred Minutes

525600 minutes are in a year (yes, you can sing, my fellow RentHeads). That means there is 43800 minutes in a month, 10080 in a week and 1440 in a day...ok, ok that's enough...

Feral Campaigner to Domesticated Wife

When your life consists of being on the road for political campaigns and you find yourself in a new state more often than being home, you don't have much time to become domesticated. Nevermind...

Role Reversal

Growing up we were lucky enough to play outside until the street lights came on, we didn't have a cell phone for our parents to call us, and if our parents wanted us to...

Uniforms Work For Us!

I'm possibly the laziest parent ever. Don’t believe me? Come on over. Toys are everywhere, dishes fill the sink, clothes are piled up in the basement because after work I’m too tired to fold...

Going Gluten-Free; Products and Local Bakeries You’ll Love

I'm 31 years old, and I love carbs. I grew up in a very Italian neighborhood and went to the Italian Catholic school; I used to joke I was Italian by osmosis. So when...

Year of Yes- for ME!

I love my friends and I love my life - I have an incredible husband, two healthy kids, I live in my dream house with the best neighbors (seriously, come hang out with us!). But,...

5 Favorite Local Spots for Holiday Shopping

It's 2019 and I'm over big stores - there I said it and I feel like a weight has been lifted from my chest. Yes, I love Target, but my goodness do I get wrapped...