Gigi Walker

Gigi grew up in Tennessee and moved to Boston in 2001 to attend law school. She and her husband, JR, and their boy/girl twins moved to Attleboro, Massachusetts. The twins are now 6, and along the way, Gigi realized that the practice of law wasn't for her. Currently, Gigi is a Mary Kay Sales Director and a Lecturer at the Boston University School of Law in the Lawyering Skills program. Prior to teaching at BU, Gigi taught English at Lincoln School in Providence, and fell in love with the city and her new community. Gigi enjoys Mexican food, yoga, occasional gardening, Pinterest fails, home decorating, and a good book.
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I Still Hate Disney!

I have been unapologetic in my hate for Disney worship. However, I recently found myself needing to bring my children with me on a work trip to Orlando, so I did what I previously considered...

What We Might Have to Look Forward To

Look, Coronavirus sucks. I get it. I get it 1000%. On the extremely bad end, people are dying. On the extremely good end, we’re healthy but stuck at home trying to simultaneously work and...

41 and Pregnant Episode 8: The Birth

Previously on 41 and Pregnant: Gigi was so pregnant that everyone accused her of bearing multiples. Trigger warning: pregnancy and delivery details included so those who are easily grossed out might not want to read...

41 and Pregnant Episode 7: I Am So Pregnant

Previously on 41 and Pregnant: At 32 weeks, Gigi reflected on giving birth at 31 weeks with her prior pregnancy, and how she had never been this pregnant before. I am 36 weeks pregnant,...

41 and Pregnant Episode 6: I’ve Never Been This Pregnant Before

Previously on 41 and Pregnant: Gigi found silver linings in what has been an otherwise difficult pregnancy. As I write this, I'm 32 weeks pregnant, and I've never been this pregnant before. My water broke...
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41 and Pregnant; Episode 5:: My Favorite Parts of Pregnancy

Previously on 41 and Pregnant: Gigi found out she was having a boy in an epic Pinterest fail. In this episode, we find Gigi in week 25. Being more than halfway through the 2nd trimester is...

41 and Pregnant, Episode 4: Gender Reveal

Previously on "41 and Pregnant": Gigi got real about her depression. Remember how I was supposed to get a phone call from a guy who would wheel-and-deal the cost of my genetic testing? I was...
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41 and Pregnant, Episode 3: Depression in Pregnancy

Previously on "41 and Pregnant": Gigi anxiously awaited the results of genetic testing so she could have her gender reveal party. Up next, depression in pregnancy.  Here I am, smack-dab in the middle of the...
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41 and Pregnant: Episode 2

Previously on 41 and Pregnant: Gigi anxiously awaited her first ultrasound to confirm the pregnancy and hoped that there was only one healthy fetus in there. Also Gigi pretended she wasn't going to go...
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41 and Pregnant

MTV needs to send some producers over here. I've got an idea to pitch. "16 and Pregnant" was good at first. I'll even admit that I'll still buy a tabloid if it has a story...