Jamie Miller

Jamie is a born and raised Rhode Islander. She lives with her husband, 18 month old daughter, and puppy in Woonsocket. Jamie is a middle school English teacher - so she never has a boring day. Jamie teaches with a passion for the unique nuances of middle level education as well as working towards a just and equitable education for all students. She received her Master’s degree from Rhode Island College in Advanced Studies in Teaching and Learning, and hopes to continue her education to work towards addressing the inequities in the education system, specifically in middle level education, policies, practices, and teacher training. When she’s not in the world of teaching and learning (though, are we ever away from it?), she loves to bake, watch shows that make her feel good, make lists, read, hike, and travel to her home away from home: New Hampshire. Her favorite thing in the world is to spend time with her family and to be a mom to her sassy, smart, funny, sweet little girl. Motherhood has taught her that moms are unbreakable superheroes who are made even stronger by other moms. This has inspired her to create an online mom-tribe space called Mama Makes Sense, where she hopes to provide a place for moms to vent, learn, gain advice, share stories, and share in that special connection that only moms share.
lesson from my toddler

A Lesson From My Toddler About Birds

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My Family Got COVID-19. Yes, Even Our Toddler.

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navigating the holidays while TTC

‘Tis the Season for Pregnancy Announcements: Navigating the Holidays While TTC

Back in November of 2018, I was the person who announced her pregnancy on social media. My husband and I were elated to be sharing the cute picture of an ornament illuminated by Christmas...