Jane Cole

Jane was born and raised in Rhode Island, where she lives with her husband of a nine years, her 7 year old daughter, and an incredibly handsome bulldog. She loves food (but can't cook!), playing games, baking and sangria. She works in finance, and frequents all things kid related in Rhode Island. Though she is a full time working mom, she makes the most of the after work hours with her daughter by crafting and baking together, meeting princesses and attending Zoo School, and never turns down a play date. With all that, she still tries to make room for girls nights. She enjoys shopping for baby showers (a little too much maybe), party planning, and finding the perfect custom ETSY gift. She is the first to lend a helping hand, and goes above and beyond to nurture and care for the ones she loves.

Season of Change; Embracing Winter

Winter snuck up on us and I couldn’t be happier. Yes, you heard me correct, I’m excited that fall is over. For years the first leaf would drop and my heart would skip a...
santa hands holding mug of hot chocolate with snowflake inside

Mark Your Calendars For These Holiday Events in RI and Beyond

The holidays can be so much fun with kids of all ages. Browse our list of 34 holiday events in RI and Beyond to find some fun for your family! We've broken down the list...

Pinterest parenting: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Pinterest and I have an unhealthy relationship.  Time to plan a party? Pinterest! Thinking about getting a tattoo? Pinterest! Need ideas for teacher gifts? Pinterest! Need style ideas? Pinterest! What’s for dinner? Check Pinterest!...

Embracing the Glitter

Seven years ago I had just gotten pregnant, I had a tiny bulldog puppy, and I was so excited about all of the change that was coming. I had no idea that growing in...
Monkey surrounded by foliage at RWPZ's Faces of the Rainforest Exhibit in RI

Faces of the Rainforest at RWPZ: Worth the Visit

Rain couldn’t keep us away from the much-anticipated Faces of the Rainforest, the brand new exhibit at Roger Williams Park Zoo. While the weather was dreary the exhibit was anything but. Walking up the...
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Tradition; Connecting Us During Christmas

Family traditions have a way of imprinting on you. Things happen a certain way for long enough, and suddenly they are 'tradition'. The goods parts and the bad, they stick with you, and then,...
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I’m A Helicopter Parent And I’m Not Ashamed To Admit It

I’m a helicopter parent and I’m not ashamed of it. I don’t need any advice on how to change, and I’m not judging you for not helicoptering. My husband and I have one child...

Do you VUDU?

Do you VUDU? If your response is that you aren’t sure what VUDU is, then be prepared for me to make your life a little easier! Parenting is hard so sometimes. It’s the little...

The Great Princess Debate

Like every great debate, there are two sides. I’ve heard the statement “please don’t call my daughter a princess” from a few friends/family members. Before having a daughter I never gave the issue much...

Summer Struggles of a Working Mom

Some of these summer struggles are felt by every mom. Some of these are specific to working parents. Some of these are just my general complaints. But, there are just some things I need...