Jenny From The Blog

Jenny was born and raised in the East Bay and now raises her own family there. She lives with her boyfriend, her 9-year-old son, and their twin 2-year-old boys (affectionally called the Terror Squad). They also have two rescue dogs (Loki & Olaf) and two rescue cats (Lola & Binx) – it’s basically a zoo. Jenny completed her undergrad in Child Psychology & Development and completed her Masters in Counseling. She currently works in the mental health field with children & their families. Jenny identifies as a Hufflepuff and resident of Stars Hollow, CT (this bio just got real nerdy). Jenny’s life is pretty much dominated by work, classes (the learning never ends), and her kid’s appointments & activities… but in her downtime, she enjoys long walks through Target on her own, reading, napping, looking at adoptable puppies online, and watching really bad TV.
Bristol christmas festival

Bristol Christmas Festival – A Winter Wonderland in Bristol RI

Christmas-time in 2020 looks like Elf on the Shelf shoved into plastic jars for “quarantine”, socially distanced visits with Santa, and town Christmas tree lightings going off without an audience to do the countdown....

No Judgements Here

Parenting during COVID is 90% stress and 90% anxiety and 10% remembering everyone's face masks (yes, that math checks out). This time has brought out some of our strengths; maybe you were able to...
distance learning

To Go or Not To Go (Back to School)

The Decision I am not a teacher. Distance learning at my house in Spring was a roller coaster. Some days we were having our own private circle time and making baking soda volcanoes and some...
door guardian installed

Peace of Mind with The Door Guardian

Motherhood tricked me. My firstborn was easy; smart, developmentally ahead of the curve, loved to learn, and (almost) always listened. I thought it was me; that I was just such a great Mom to produce such...
woman with head in hands sitting at computer

All We Can Do -Working From Home With Kids: Part 1

So, you're working from home now. And you have kids. Noisy, dirty, attention-loving kids. How does this work? I have no idea. Check back next week, when I've been through some trial and error,...
father and son talking

How to Talk to Kids about Covid-19 – Homebound Help

  As anxious and unsure as adults are about what is happening in the world during the COVID-19 pandemic, our children need to be our focus. We, as parents, get to control the narrative of...
family in yard

A Letter to Moms During the Coronavirus Craziness

Hey Momma, It's been been a crazy week. Take a deep breath. Maybe your anxiety is up or maybe you're just straight-up sick of hearing about the Coronavirus or maybe you fall somewhere in between....
red, blue, green, and yellow uno cards: My Family Is Competitive

My Family is Competitive and I’m Not Sorry

Listen, let's be real, I'm not playing a game that I have no chance of winning. There's no such thing as a relaxing game night in our house. Participation trophies have no place on...
black hand holding white hand after miscarriage

1 in 4: One Mom’s Miscarriage Story

I've spent the majority of my life hanging out with Anxiety and her sister-friend, Depression. Sometimes their cousin, Agoraphobia, joined in the fun. I have found my self in dangerous situations and I have...

Extra Innings: Fenway Park with Kids

The First Inning (when it all began) I vividly remember the first time I went to Fenway Park. I was ten and it was overwhelming in the most amazing way possible. The people, the movement,...