Jessica Johnson

Jess and her husband live in Cranston, where she homeschools their four kids full-time. She enjoys sharing about the highs and lows of motherhood through writing about many topics including mental health, home education, and chronic illness. She loves personality tests (as INFPs tend to), Golden Age detective novels, and is probably the only person you know of who still watches Survivor. She is thrilled to be writing with Providence Mom again and hopes to encourage others with honesty and kindness.
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How Our Screen-Free Summer REALLY Went…

I don't know how exactly it happened, but it did. My 3 boisterous boys were sitting still and quietly. Normally this sight should make me jump for joy, but not today. Today it broke...
stock up medicine cabinet cold flu

Mom’s Must-Haves for Colds, Flu, & Covid Season with Kids

  I love everything about this season. Well, almost everything. Sharing food, laughter, and time with loved ones makes this season such a joyous time of year. One thing I could do without sharing, though,...

Avoid these 6 Back to Homeschool Mistakes

Target has had the really cute school stuff in the Dollar Spot for over a month now. The selection is getting sparse, and I once again have bought more organizational bins than I can...

The One Where We All Go Hiking

We are an indoorsy family. There, I said it. Admitting to other New Englanders that you don't enjoy hiking, camping, or even being outdoors is almost blasphemous. Trust me. I've encountered many faces contorted with...
coming to terms with a chronic illness

Coming to Terms with Chronic Illness

"Yes, It certainly looks like you have lupus." I daydreamed about this exact moment many times before it ever happened, yet somehow it still came as a shock.  After years of mystery, I thought a...
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Essentials Elements of a Smooth Day

I know we are all a little tired of hearing from people who think they know everything about some aspect of this virus. I really don't want to come across as one of those...
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So Now You’re Homeschooling- Homebound Help

2020 has been a pretty interesting year so far, hasn't it? No matter what your thoughts on COVID-19, it's true that most of us are finding ourselves with a lot more time at home...
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Time For Spring Reading: Our Favorite Springtime Books

Finally. Spring is on the horizon. It's time to celebrate the end of another winter and the birth of a new season. Spring brings with it the urge to open windows, deep clean everything,...

Want, Need, Wear, Read; Cherish, Sale, Gift-Restriction Fail

Around this time of year, the blogosphere is overflowing with ideas about how to keep the holidays simple, keep your budget in check, and how not overextend yourself. All good things, all good things....

“Mom, tell us a story!” Spontaneous Storytelling Tips for Dummies.

"Oh no, honey, Mommy doesn't do that." That's what I always say when my kids ask me to tell them a story. It's not as cruel as it sounds. I will read them a good...