Laura Somers

Laura is a thirty-something mom of 2, living in Cumberland RI—only 3 miles from her childhood home. After meeting her husband and briefly living in Plymouth MA, she dragged him back with her to Rhode Island, where they bought their home. Laura attended the University of Rhode Island for both her bachelor’s degree in Human Development and Family Studies and her doctorate in Physical Therapy. She and her husband tied the knot in 2015, and welcomed their first son in 2016. They recently added another son to their family in late 2018, and Laura enjoys being the only woman in her house—the queen of the castle! She works as a physical therapist in an Early Intervention program, work that is challenging and that she loves. E.E. Cummings once wrote “The most wasted of all days is one without laughter,” and these are words that she tries to live by daily.
PT OT for milestones

Meeting Milestones in a Covid World; How PT and OT Services Can Help

Have you ever wondered if your child is developing appropriately?  Sometimes a developmental delay is obvious—but a lot of times it looks subtle. That voice is your head says, “Is this normal?”  As parents...
boy and girl playing in yard | providence mom

Giving Them “Everything.”

I have often heard the phrase “I want my children to have everything.” Or at least, to want for nothing. The concept that every child must live in a big spotless house, on a...
young boy | stubborn | Providence Mom

He Does What He Wants

My 3-year old son likes control.  And he’s tough. I can hear you all, rolling your eyes and saying “Yeah, mine too. Join the club.” But hear me out. I’ve written about this before, almost nine months...

The Muffin Top Chronicles Part 3: Prioritizing Fitness- Going All In

I’m sure there are some parents who can do it all.  They manage to cook healthy and organic meals, keep a clean house, be there for every game, arrange play dates, work just enough...
hand holding muffin with green wrapper

The Muffin Top Chronicles 2: Chunky but Hopeful

Spoiler Alert: I’m still fat. This post is about ME. Not my kids.  Kids make most self-care more challenging and that has been true of this experiment…let’s leave it at that. I’ve now spent thirty...
baby with cupcake and candle in the shape of a number one

365 Days In the Life; My Baby is One

I’m in awe of the change that can happen in just 365 days. My baby is turning ONE this week—a whole trip around the sun.  It’s been such a quick year, a whirlwind…and yet it’s...
hand holding a positive pregnancy test stick, fertility

Fertility Guilt: Confessions of A Fertile Myrtle

When you’re in your 30’s, it’s a baby-filled world. My newsfeed is chock full of toothy grins and growing families. I am no exception—I gladly share photos of my devilishly handsome boys (biased much?)...

Finding Joy Amidst The Chaos

I love my work. I am a physical therapist, and I work in Early Intervention. E.I. is—for those who aren’t familiar—a program that provides home-based services for children 0-3, who qualify based on either...

The Muffin Top Chronicles Part 1: Start the Process

I was rocking my son in my arms, trying to comfort him from his latest “disaster,” a fall from the couch. His sweaty, tear-stained cheek burrowed into my shoulder, his gangly little arms around...

Healthy Fall Soup for Basic Moms

It’s that time of year again. The night air has a hint of a chill, the schools are back in session, every road in the state is under construction, and everything is doused in...