Lauren D'Ambra

Lauren is a Providence-based mom of two young boys. After moving to Providence with now-husband, Michael, in 2013, Lauren was desperate to find her local tribe of women sharing similar aspirations and challenges. She enrolled in a yoga teacher training program and began teaching yoga at Providence Power Yoga where she was connected to a new community of like-minded individuals. Lauren worked at Hasbro as a Human Resources Specialist before stepping away to raise her new baby boy in 2019. As an ambitious and career motivated individual, she had every intention of returning to work after her maternity leave, but was sidelined by the sudden death of her father three short weeks after the birth of her son. With a newfound appreciation for family and the fragility of time, her focus went from career to caregiver very quickly. She gave birth to her second son in October 2020; officially becoming a mom of two boys under two. Follow along as Lauren navigates life from the perspective of a woman still treading water in the deep-end of grief, new motherhood, shifting self-identity and marriage - all while attempting to find the humor in every minute of it. Born and raised in New Hampshire, Lauren finds solace in creating and maintaining that same community-feel by joining local groups, like the Providence Mom contributors group, to relate to other mothers facing similar daily challenges. When Lauren isn't elbows deep in diapers and milk-stained laundry, she can be found out walking nature trails with her husband, the boys and their chocolate lab, Otis. Once they go to bed, though, she can be found vertical on her couch watching Real Housewives (of any city), vigorously texting with her closest friends and sipping on a hot cup of tea.
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