Lauren Leslie

Lauren is a mom of one who has found joy and inspiration in writing content about parenthood. With a background in education, she enjoys putting the pen to paper to write about parenthood from a variety of perspectives. Outside of writing, she works as an employee at Brown University with marketing and outreach. She is passionate about the LGBT community, outdoor adventures, and travel.
close up of a womens hand with an IV

Being Induced: The Good, The Bad, and The Scary

Just over three years ago, I was induced at 39 weeks for my first birth and baby. Halfway through my pregnancy, my doctors informed me that I would need to be induced. My son...
kitchen sink full of dirty dishes

Mom Confessions: My House is Messy and I’m Okay With It!

It's my dirty secret,- literally and figuratively-, that my house is messy. I have ADHD and a toddler who really enjoys art projects, so at any given time you are likely to step in...
A toddler plays in a mud puddle wearing green rain boots

Nature Lessons Taught Me To Go With The Flow

I spent most of my childhood outdoors, and I pictured doing the same with my child. I spent my childhood in hot and warm places, so the adjustment to the northeast is something that...

H is for Hitting?! {How to Help When Toddlers Hit}

My toddler is just now entering the roller coaster of emotions that I heard begins right before two and seemingly never ends. One little inconvenience or change to the plan, and he is crying and...
3 women linking arms in friendship

Finding Meaningful Mom Friends

It’s cold and wintery, but the temperature finally hit above 45 degrees and you are determined to get your kid to the park. You hope the outcome will be to get some much needed...