Leeta Law

Born and raised in Idaho, a Rhodie transplant for 10 years and now living in Glocester. A loving wife and stay at home mother and foster mom to three beautiful and spunky children ages 1 to 4. Independent, stubborn and somewhat crazy, she can be found trying to figure out innovative ways to do things, traveling to new places, attending church, outdoor recreation, and camping all with three littles in tow. Her hobbies include planning vacations, chasing toddlers down in the store, visiting libraries and being an avid deal hunter.

Goodbye Book Clutter; Hello Library

I love books. I was a book worm from the beginning. I think I started reading by the age of four and reading books fills most of my earliest memories. I have absolute favorites-...

Foster Care:: A Different Kind of Birth Story

My husband and I bought a house which was really far too large for just 2 people at the time. We were ready to fill it up. Both of us were wanting to do...
sourdough bubbling over

Scatterbrained Sourdough Starter Mama

The other day I was scrolling through a local buy nothing site and someone was giving away free sourdough starter. I had totally forgotten about sourdough and wondered what the maintenance was like. I...
crib | Providence Mom

Is This My Last Baby?

There's a mini crib in my bedroom, parked at the foot of my bed. It has been there since the middle of 2015. We had snagged it on an amazing clearance deal for our...

Bedtime Battles; What Worked For Us

I have two very playful girls just under 14 months apart. We made them share a bedroom for most of their lives, although my youngest stayed in our room for about a year in...

“Some People Shouldn’t Have Kids”

Some people shouldn't have kids. This delightful comment was uttered towards my family while on vacation. Little did the commenter know that the man with me was not actually my children's father. He was the...

5 Tests For A Relationship

Want to see how well you and your partner work together? Or figure out how compatible you really are? Here are some simple relationship tests I've encountered along the way. 1. Go To IKEA Together On...

Dear Working Mom

Dear Working Mom, I have no idea how you do it. I have no idea how you manage to set an alarm in the morning every day and get all the kids up and out...

Guide to Roger Williams Park Zoo

Roger Williams Zoo is one of Providence's hidden gems. It is one of a handful of places located within the lovely Roger Williams Park. The zoo is great for a close to home adventure and...

20 Easy Steps for Flying During the Holidays with Toddlers

Have you ever flown with small children during the holidays? Can you detect my sarcasm in that title? Are you ready for this?   1. Stay up until midnight making sure everything is packed. 2. Go to...