Lindsey Galvao

Born and raised in Providence, Lindsey graduated from La Salle Academy, moved to the Midwest for college, and moved back home to attend graduate school at Brown University. She met her husband, Ricardo, junior year of high school in English class, but refused to date him because her mother thought he was such a “nice boy.” Strangely, mothers are always right, and Lindsey and Ricardo started dating after they graduated college. Fast forward 10 years, two cats, and two precocious daughters later, Lindsey is a former history teacher turned freelancer who dabbles in curriculum development and is determined to make her corner of the universe a better place. Helping others is her greatest source of inspiration, and being involved in her community keeps her both exhausted and optimistic. When she’s not reading to or having dance parties with her children, Lindsey can be found drinking copious amount of black coffee, singing as a soprano section leader in her local church choir, perusing the farmers market, working out at CrossFit, spending way too much money on Amazon Prime, or wandering in the library or bookstore. She loves nothing more than a good book, the chance to support local businesses, and spending time with her awesome family.
inclusion inclusive grace school Providence Moms Blog

Why Inclusion Matters: Exploring The Grace School

At first mention, "Meeting Street" brings to mind images of the Meeting Street Telethon or the amazing work that Meeting Street does to teach, assist, and empower children with special needs. But one of...

The Day My Daughter Asked About The N-Word

"Mom, what's the n-word?" A sweet voice brimming with curiosity seemed to pop out of nowhere from the backseat of my car. The question, asked after a lull in our conversation on our way to...

Why You Should Bring Your Family to Spooky Zoo

As a mother of children who don't like to get "spooked" during the Halloween season yet are desperate to partake in the festivities that this time of year brings, I need to choose our...
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PMB Runs on Dunkin’: Why We’re Excited to ‘Fill Up to Fuel Up’

As a mother of a first grader and a preschooler, it may come as no surprise that two things are very constant in my life: I drink a lot of coffee and I do...
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Moms in the Arts: An Interview with Kim Votruba-Matook

At Providence Moms Blog, we are passionate about the amazing multi-dimensionality of motherhood and aim to support mothers in their role as “mom” while encouraging them to honor all the other aspects of their identity....
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How To Make Natural Easter Egg Dye {With Printable!}

If you're like me, you grew up dyeing Easter eggs straight out of a Paas kit. It was a yearly delight, but the experience was short lived and perfunctory.  (And using the metal egg...
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Moms in the Arts: An Interview with Shura Baryshnikov

As I sprint down Washington Street, I'm clutching my laptop bag to keep it from banging against my legs and praying that my inability to get my daughters out the door on time for...
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Come Play! A Morning at Gordon School

Gordon School is a forward-thinking and socially focused school for families looking to raise children to think, question, lead, and collaborate confidently in an increasingly complex world. Students from nursery school to eighth grade...
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There’s No Such Thing as Santa: Why I’m Done With the Fat Man in...

As a mom of young children during the holiday season, I can't help but be troubled by Santa. In fact, I just wish the emphasis on Santa would disappear and we'd stop perpetuating this...
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Happy Holidays: the Winter Festival at Roger Williams Park Zoo!

Ah, December. For so many reasons, it truly is a magical month. A time for a celebration of lights, festive music, jolly sentiment, sugar plum fairies, magic train rides, and copious amounts of hot...