Niki Robinson

Although originally from New York, Niki has lived in RI for over a decade. She is the very tired mom of three little hobbit boys and one baby shield-maiden of Rohan. As a JWU grad she loves all things related to food, except when it involves cooking every single meal for her family during a never-ending global pandemic. She also has a strong affinety for old books, sugar-skulls, skeletons in general and cats.
5 gift wines on a budget

Five Gift-Worthy Wines on a Budget

Wine makes the perfect gift for almost everyone. Boss,  sensei, mail carrier, girl scout leader, sister-in-law, best friend..with the exception of your teetotaling grandmother, wine is the perfect gift for a ton of people...
Food allergy mom

Interview with a Food Allergy Mom

To recognize Food Allergy Awareness Month we sat down with one of our writers, Jess Johnson, a Food Allergy Mom of four who has been raising kids with severe food allergies for the past 11...
memoirs about race

Why I Love Memoirs for Learning About Race; 4 Book Suggestions

Memoirs can help you see the role from a different perspective in a way few other things can. A well-written memoir is a raw display of experiences, emotions, and thoughts, - a window into...
stop shaming restaurant workers for unemployment

Stop Shaming Restaurant Workers For Collecting Unemployment

  Recently, WPRI ran a story about how RI restaurants have had a hard time “competing with unemployment” in terms of hiring staff for the summer. The Newport restaurant owner alleges that due to the additional...
baby items in store

Baby Items You Actually Need

As I type this, I am nine months deep into my fourth pregnancy, so I have some experience with baby gear. Here's my tried and true list of must-have baby items that I wouldn't...
finding meaning in grief Will's Wheels

Finding Meaning: The Sixth Stage of Grief

When someone you love dies, you start to see them everywhere. Grief finds meaning in a cardinal landing on your back fence, Eric Clapton playing on the radio, an unridden bike parked on your...

Author Interview: A conversation about poetry, race, and “More Than That.”

In my life as a white woman, there have been a few people who have cared enough to take my hand and walk me into 'the race conversation.' If I can ever consider myself...

An Open Letter to Chrissy Teigen

Dear Chrissy, I don’t follow celebrities news. Ever. I don’t really care who is eating what, or dating who, or whatever other superficial nonsense they choose to share on Instagram. But your openness about being...
alternatives to trick or treating

15 Alternatives to Trick-or-Treating for Halloween 2020

  2020 could be summed up in three words: What. The. Heck? A global pandemic, statewide shutdowns, facemasks, hybrid schools, drive-by birthday parties....the list of things we never anticipated is long. My head has been a...

Fall Crafts, Recipes, & Activities {50+ ideas}

We're all spending a lot more time at home this year. Here are 50+ ideas for fall crafts, recipes, and activities to help keep you busy all season long.   Build a scarecrow by stuffing...