Patience Sivillo

Patience Sivillo is a Professional Organizer, cat lady, and expert packer. Although she is a transplant from Maine, her love of Lil Rhody is strong! She can find parking off Thames Street, navigate Bristol’s parade route, and hasn’t met an Awful Awful she didn’t like. Patience resides in North Kingstown with her husband and their son, Jackson (2016). She often jokes that the only rule for motherhood is “don’t raise a$$holes.” In a time where technology has eclipsed simpler joys, Patience strives to give her son experiences inspired by her rural upbringing. Her family often travels to Maine to enjoy swimming in the lake, nature walks, and Gan Gan’s homemade bread. As the Owner of Lil Mess Perfect, Patience teaches families how to be more productive and let go of what no longer serves them. She believes that you can do more with less, and has helped clients donate over $30,000 in goods to Rhode Island charities.

Three Steps for Reducing Holiday Stress

We’ve all heard the phrase “less is more” but how does it apply to the holiday season? Here’s how I explain it to my organizing clients: the average home has over 300,000 items, excluding what...
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When A Pet Dies; Momma, Where is Kitty Heaven?

Adding insult to injury, 2020 now includes the passing of our beloved cat, Audrey. As a cat lady, this wasn’t my first rodeo. As a mother, however, I was in uncharted territory. Do I burden...
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I Like Big Pots and I Cannot Lie: 3 Tips for Organizing Cookware

If 2020 has you operating more like Red and less like Rachel Ray in the kitchen, you’re not alone. In my house, I’ve got limited resources, hungry inmates, and the sneaking suspicion that someone...
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Pandemic Snacking: How to Restore Order in the Kitchen

I’ll be the first to admit: my family’s eating habits are weird. I like cold pizza for breakfast, and my son eats his yogurt with a side of asparagus. Still, we find ways to maintain...