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Calling All Moms

Is writing for Providence Mom right for you in 2022? Are you a writer who also happens to be a mom?  Have you never considered yourself a writer, but you are a mom with something to...
white woman in flannel receive shot from dr in white coat

We got vaccinated and then got COVID-19; Our Delta Variant Story

My husband and I both got vaccinated as soon as we were eligible. There was no question in our minds that we would get the the vaccine. We wanted to do everything we could...
splash pads

Find a Local Splash Pad – Water Fun in RI, MA & CT

Our tremendously popular Splash Pad Guide has been updated for 2021! As our state re-opening progresses, be sure to check with each site individually before arrival for availability, policies, and procedures. There's nothing better on a...
movement in the classroom the wolf school

Movement in the Classroom: Why It Matters

In education, just as in life, one size does not fit all. We all have different learning styles - some of us might be hands-on learners while others need to write things down before...
intimacy after kids

Intimacy After Kids Part Three: Physical Intimacy

Alright everyone...Welcome to Part Three:Physical Intimacy! The one post you have been desiring to read after hearing about our series on intimacy after kids! Click on the titles to read the first in the...
summer camps in Rhode Island and beyond

2021 Guide to Summer Camps in Rhode Island and Beyond

Planning for Summer Camp is a year-long task- and the 2021 Guide to Summer Camps in Rhode Island and beyond is here to help!  After the year we've all had, I think we can...
intimacy after kids

Intimacy After Kids Part Two: Emotional Intimacy

Welcome back to our series, Intimacy After Kids. In Part Two, we're talking about emotional intimacy. If you're new here, start with Part One: Intimacy with Self! My husband and I are at a time...
intimacy after kids

Intimacy After Kids Part One: Intimacy with Yourself

Once you have kids, your life with your partner completely changes. My husband has literally seen our child’s head crowning in my vagina, my breasts feed a tiny human, and my body gain 50...
RI pregnancy resources

Bloom; A Guide to RI Pregnancy and Postpartum Resources

Whether it's your first or your fourth, motherhood is a challenging adventure, but it doesn’t have to be a lonely one. Building your village starts here, with fellow mothers who have been in your...
guide to fall 2020

2020 Guide to Fall in Rhode Island and Beyond

When the fall weather hits, Rhode Island moms breathe a collective sigh of relief. We say goodbye to humidity and summer heatwaves, send the kids back to school, and welcome the return of pumpkin...