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RI pregnancy resources

Bloom; A Guide to RI Pregnancy and Postpartum Resources

Whether it's your first or your fourth, motherhood is a challenging adventure, but it doesn’t have to be a lonely one. Building your village starts here, with fellow mothers who have been in your...
guide to fall 2020

2020 Guide to Fall in Rhode Island and Beyond

When the fall weather hits, Rhode Island moms breathe a collective sigh of relief. We say goodbye to humidity and summer heatwaves, send the kids back to school, and welcome the return of pumpkin...
apple picking

Apple Picking in Rhode Island and Over the Border in Massachusetts!

September comes with all the fabulous fall spectacles like apples, apple cider, and the most delicious doughnuts in the world. Last year, apple picking was the perfect fall activity with my newborn. He...
homeschooling various ages

Homeschooling Various Ages at One Time

Many thanks to Stephanie Gaddis for offering this Guest Post on Homeschooling various ages as a part of our Guide to Homeschooling in RI! As a homeschooling mom of six kids, I’m asked a...
Guide to homeschooling in RI

Guide to Homeschooling in RI- The What, How, & Why of Homeschooling

“We’re all homeschoolers now!” became the mantra of spring 2020 as many of us were forced to switch from traditional school to distance learning. But are homeschool and distance learning the same? What does...

Ask A Homeschool Mom: Reader Submitted Questions

Sharon Bettis is a former elementary school teacher and mother of four grown children, all of whom were homeschooled and went on to attend college. Thank you Sharon for answering some of our reader-submitted...

Temporary Homeschool & Staying on Grade Level

"If I only want to homeschool temporarily, how do I make sure my child stays on grade level? What about high-school? How do I keep them on track with their peers?" When we asked...

Find a Local Splash Pad – Water Fun in RI, MA & CT

Our tremendously popular Splash Pad Guide has been updated for 2020! As our state re-opening progresses, be sure to check with each site individually before arrival for availability, policies, and procedures. There's nothing better on a...
anti-racism black and white hand holding

A Word From Our Owners About Anti-Racism

Maybe you’ve noticed Providence Mom’s silence on the topic of social justice, racism, and the current racial unrest across our country. We hope you’ve noticed because we hope you are looking closely at the...
berry picking RI

2020 Guide to Pick-Your-Own Berries in Rhode Island and Beyond

This summer is looking so different from summer's past, but one thing we can always count on- perfectly ripe berries. And nothing is better than taking the kids out to pick your own berries! We've...