Robin Barton

Robin is a working mother of two very precious, but very precocious sons ages 10 and 6. A lifelong Rhode Islander, she lives in the Providence area with her husband of 14+ years and boys. She is a Bryant University graduate (back in the day when it used to be called Bryant College) where she also received an MBA. In between refereeing her boys' impromptu wrestling matches, carting them between school and practice and handling occasional work issues outside business hours, Robin enjoys cooking/baking (but not the mess they create), 80s music, checking out family friendly events/destinations (pre-COVID that is), visiting new breweries and wineries with her hubby, buying new makeup and taking WAY too many photos (YOLO). She also considers herself an aficionado of naps. Robin believes that it is possible to find both motherhood and a career simultaneously rewarding, with the right support system....and an Amazon Prime account.

Noon Year’s Eve: A Kid Friendly New Year’s Celebration

Our New New Year's Eve Tradition Since becoming a mom, I've always been in awe of young children who stay up (Or are even briefly woken up!) to ring in the new year.  I probably...

5 Children’s Books about Thanksgiving

  Somehow another Halloween has come and gone.  If you've been shopping or turned on your radio, it's clear the Christmas season is already here. The time between Halloween and Christmas becomes more compressed every...

What No One Tells You About Becoming a Parent

When you find yourself pregnant and share the exciting news with the world, friends and family will fawn over you and your upcoming addition.  They will start guessing boy or girl.  They will ask...
RI pumpkin patches

The Providence Mom Guide to RI Pumpkin Patches (and a few in MA too!)

Cooler temperatures are on the way in Rhode Island, which means soon fuzzy sweaters, comfy boots, and pumpkin spice lattes will abound.  And one of my favorite fall bucket list activities is pumpkin picking! ...

Where to get your Apple Cider Donut Fix!

Everyone has a guilty pleasure, and in our family, it's donuts!  We love to try new bakeries and flavors, but nothing rivals apple cider donuts in the fall.  Here is a selection of where...

She Shows Up

Time changes many things.  Over time, we move, we get new jobs, we get married, we have babies, we explore new ideas, new hobbies, we make new friends, we lose old ones, we learn,...
white woman and black man holding hands

All of These Years Later, I Still Really Like You

    Dear Husband, I love you, more than I can ever say.  Twenty-one plus years into our relationship, and 13+ years into our marriage I can safely say that there is no one who knows...
box on doorstep |Amazon parenting | Providence Mom

Amazon Prime- How Would We Parent Without It?

Call it sad. Call it laziness. Call it I'm-too-disorganized-to-get-out-of-my-own-way-some-days. Call it what you like, but, for me, Amazon Prime makes being a parent in 2020 so much easier. There's just so much we need to keep track of...
couple's trip

Lessons Learned from a Couple’s Trip

My husband and I recently spent a weekend away with two other couples who have been long-time friends. We'd all been planning this couple's trip for months.  At one point, due to a job...

The “Must’ve been the Mailman” Joke is Getting Old

I love a good joke.  I am the queen of sarcasm, the mistress of puns, and the lady of laughter. But some jokes?  After awhile, they get old.  There's no ill will when people make...