Shaylene was born and raised in Providence RI (although her family moved around a bit) and usually just shouting out "Shay!" will get you what you need. She loves to serve her community one caregiver at a time, whether it be through breastfeeding support, babywearing education, play dates, online chats, or just a coffee run! Shay has what she needs to fill her cup and LOVES to serve from her abundance! Volunteering is her personal passion, and her job as a medical professional means that her worlds often collide in a glorious fashion; no matter where she goes there are happy people all around her. An independent mother of 2, you can usually find Shay with her two (royal) daughters she has affectionately dubbed the Duchess and Lady of her home. Together, they work hard so they can play harder on the weekends! Welcome to her world... she hopes Providence Mom readers are ready to enjoy the ride!
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Apartment Living; A New England Summer during Lockdown

Living in a second-floor apartment on the outskirts of the capital city with two small children is what I as a mom have been doing for the past 8 years. I have had no...

Breastfeeding Support Group Directory {Rhode Island}

When and if you are in need of assistance in the art of breastfeeding your little one, here is a list of local resources for caregivers to get the help and community they need. Chocolate...

I Am A Person Too And I Want My Life Back

Hello. I am a 33-year-old female, working mother of two royal children and I want my life back. Before I became a mother, my mind, body, soul, time, food, money, car and sex life...

Why Black Breastfeeding Week Matters: An Open Ended Letter

Dear Carol, Becky, Barbara, and Rachel, Thank you for your concern in wanting to know when you get to be the line leader in this race we call breastfeeding. The short answer to your question is:...
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Springtime in Rhode Island: How to Handle Your Child’s Wardrobe

It's FINALLY springtime in Rhode Island! Time to switch over the kids' wardrobe to spring jackets, capris or shorts, and short sleeve shirts! Bright pastel colors and even a little frill capped sleeve sundresses if...

Keep Us From Dying: Black Maternal Health Awareness

Black maternal health week. BLACK maternal health week. Black MATERNAL health week... I will NOT capitalize the word health because we BLACK MATRONS don’t have any health to spare for that. The experts have weighed in...
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WANTED: A Baby-Sitter (So I Can Get A Seat At The Table)

Dear community organization, delagate task force, coalition, board committee, legislative discussion,  and/or panel and planning chairperson, I am here! I have implementable ideas to make your business, our laws, and my community better! If you...

The Annual Thanksgiving Chop-n-Sip

      Picture the night before Thanksgiving.  You probably get out of work a few hours early because your boss is excited to get their holiday started earlier too. You rush to get a few last...
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Why Babywearing Benefits Moms and Babies

I was asked to write about one subject: babywearing. Easy, right? Since I love it so much and am so passionately involved in the education, safety, implementation and access to this thing called babywearing,...