Getting to know ENRICHri

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

We reached out to ENRICHri to find out more about who they are and how they serve the homeschool community here in RI. Their president, Amanda Campbel, graciously made time to answer our questions. A big thank you to Amanda and ENRICHri!

What is the purpose of ENRICH and who is eligible to join?

ENRICHri is Rhode Island’s Largest Secular Homeschool Support Group.  We are an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) nonprofit. ENRICHri is a welcoming, inclusive, non-religious community that provides support, friendship, and guidance for homeschooling families in Southern New England and promotes homeschooling within the greater community.  ENRICHri does not discriminate based on race, gender, age, sexual orientation, faith, home education philosophy or methodology, physical or other challenges.

What are the costs and benefits of joining? 

Joining ENRICHri is a wonderful way to become acclimated to the homeschool community. Experienced parents and those just starting their own homeschool journeys will be sure to welcome you and to provide support in finding all that you need. Yearly membership with ENRICHri is $30 and entitles you to educator discounts at many stores, free advocacy help with local homeschool laws, access to our private Facebook Group, as well as the opportunity to participate in events, field trips co-ops and much more. 

Does ENRICHri offer any resources for those considering homeschooling or non-members? 

Yes, we offer resources to the homeschooling community as a whole. We have a public Facebook page and we also offer free Homeschooling 101 sessions at libraries across RI. (We are currently offering them virtually.) On our website, anyone can access a sample letter of intent and year-end reporting. There are also educational videos and FAQs about homeschooling.

What do you think this fall will look like for ENRICH?

This is a difficult question to answer for every organization right now. We will work to continue to meet our mission statement by offering support and advocacy for our members. If we can meet in person safely then we may have some in-person events or classes. I am sure we will also have different virtual events, classes, and social gatherings. ENRICHri offers what its members are willing to work to create. As a 100% volunteer organization, any offerings we have are because a member-parent stepped-up to organize, lead, teach, or create our co-ops, events, and gatherings.  So we will continue to offer what our members want to make happen while keeping member safety a top priority by following state guidelines.

What advice would you give to prospective homeschoolers? 

Attend a Homeschooling 101 session- it will give you the information you need.  Then get to know your child/ren, their learning style, time of day they focus best, what they are excited about learning, and exploring. Prepare to learn with them, it is a lot more fun that way. 

Anything else you would like to share with our readers about homeschooling?

In our current environment, I have heard many families begin to question whether they should make the leap from distance learning to homeschooling for awhile. You may be thinking, “what’s the difference??? We’re learning from home now!” The fact is homeschoolers are also struggling right now as we try to adjust to this entirely new home-confined lifestyle. But there’s one thing we have that most distance learners don’t and that thing is the reason why distance learning with your school system is so different than the homeschooling experience. That thing? Control. In distance learning, the family is implementing a curriculum and schedule that is set out by the teachers and the school department. In homeschooling, the family is deciding on curriculum and schedule for themselves. You are the authority and you are the one in charge. You decide what works, what doesn’t, and how to make your family live your best life.