Guide to Homeschooling in RI- The What, How, & Why of Homeschooling

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Guide to homeschooling in RI

“We’re all homeschoolers now!” became the mantra of spring 2020 as many of us were forced to switch from traditional school to distance learning. But are homeschool and distance learning the same? What does homeschooling actually look like, how do we do it, and why would we want to? The Guide to Homeschooling in RI answers those questions, plus everything you need to get started if you do decide to give homeschooling a shot.

We’ve started with some homeschooling FAQ, but don’t stop there.  Scroll on down for info on getting started, buying curriculum, Rhode Island’s homeschool advocacy organizations, reader-submitted questions, resources and support, and more!

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Homeschooling FAQ

The question homeschoolers get asked the most! Homeschooling doesn’t mean staying home all the time. Most home educated kids participate in a variety of activists with other kids including co-op classes, sports, dance, fine and performing arts, scouting, and anything else you can think of. They even occasionally socialize with other humans in the wild- libraries, parks, zoos, museums, Target….homeschoolers are everywhere!

That is up to you! There are certain subjects everyone in Rhode Island is required to teach: Reading, Writing, Geography, Arithmetic, History of the United States and Rhode Island, Civics, Health, and Physical Education. How you choose to teach those subjects, or the ‘curriculum’ you use is completely up to you. Check out our post on curriculum choices here. 

No. There are many non-religious families that choose to educate their kids at home.

HSLDA, RIGHT, and ENRICHri are all great starting points to make sure you are following the proper legal process to begin homeschooling in RI.

Many districts in R.I. allow homeschooled students to participate in public school activists.

 No prior experience is required to homeschool in Rhode Island. 

YES. If you have an active IEP the school department cannot suspend your services if you choose to homeschool. 

Probably. But that has nothing to do with homeschooling. 

If you decide that homeschooling is not the right fit for your family you can enroll your child in public school at any time during the year. Conversely, if you may decide to withdraw your child and begin homeschooling during any of the school years. 

As your child’s teacher, you may use any grading or evaluation system you choose. 

In short, yes. In fact, the independent nature of homeschooling often helps kids to excel in college. 

When you home educate YOU get to decide what schedule works for your family. You are now the principal, vice-principal, and teacher. One thing that remains the same- you’re still the lunch lady.

 It doesn’t have to be. There many families who homeschool for free by taking advantage of libraries and online resources, while others spend near the cost of private school tuition. Most families fall somewhere in the middle. How much you spend is completely up to you. 

Unschooling refers to a specific educational philosophy employed by some families where the bulk of home education is driven by the interests of the child. This is also called Self-Directed Education.

Rhode Island doesn’t recognize online schools as private as private schools, so if you plan to enroll your child somewhere virtually you still need to go through the proper legal process to register them as homeschooled with your local school district.

Yes. She is the definition of a weird homeschooler.

Wondering how to get started?

Rhode Island Homeschool Organizations

Curriculum and Resources

Ask A Homeschool Mom: Reader Submitted Questions

Supplemental Activities

Homeschooling Articles on Providence Mom

Other Helpful Articles on Providence Mom

Kids Activities for the Whole Year

Have more questions that the Guide to Homeschooling in RI didn’t answer? Pop them in the comments, or head on over to our Facebook page.  We’ll be sure to get your questions answered and added into the guide for other parents to learn from!