5 FREE Online Childbirth Classes


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Most expectant moms will take some time preparing for the birth of their child,        whether that looks like reading a baby book, touring a hospital or taking a childbirth class. The number of choices can be overhwhelming… (Not to mention that some of those ‘fancier’ birthclasses may cost you a pretty penny.) So here are five, low pressure, no cost ways that you can learn all the things you never though you needed to know about labor, delivery, and bringing your new little lovebug into the world. (And dont miss Birth Without Fear: The Power of Suggestion in Birth!)  Deep breath Mama.You got this!

Five Free Online Childbirth Classes

Tuscon Medical Center This complete series of birth education classes (6 hours total!) can be watched for free on YouTube.

BabyCenter This free video series includes all the info an expecting mom needs to know about labor and delivery, including the stages of labor, pain management techniques, how to time contractions, and lots more. In the last chapter nine different women share their unique birth stories.

Pampers This childbirth class offered for free by pampers is taught by two childbirth experts and covers preparing for labor, feeding baby, and bringing baby home, as well as the postpartum period.

BabyMed This is a 10-lesson childbirth class is offered via email. BabyMed also has articles on every pregnancy, labor, and postpartum topic you could think of.

Beginning Prenatal Class The Pregnancy Nurse is a real-life BSN-RN with 20 years of experience in labor & delivery AND a mom of three, so you know her beginning prenatal class will be practical and accurate.

Bonus Freebie:

Free Intro to Lamaze Breathing 



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