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Black Friday

The perfect day to spend hours at the mall, scouring each and every store for a great deal.

Except you have kids who will beg you for toys at each and every stop and probably break something.  

Okay. Let’s try again. The perfect day to cozy up by a fire and watch movies all day while drinking some spiked egg-nog. 

Except you have kids who will watch the movie for about 10 minutes before attempting to turn your TV room into the world’s largest pillow fort. 

Okay. The perfect day to sit around the house enjoying the company of your in-laws. 


Fear not; Roger Williams Park Zoo has your back. On Friday, November 24th, the zoo will be offering free admission all day to the opportunity to “get outside, enjoy the fresh air, and take time with family and friends to experience everything the Zoo has to offer.  Our Zoo is a wonderful place, no matter the weather, to enjoy being outside, visiting with interesting animals.” – Dr. Jeremy Goodman, executive director of Roger Williams Park Zoo.

We love the zoo during the winter. You’re more likely to actually see some of the animals that tend hide out from the mid-day heat during summer visits. The red wolves, snow leopards, moon bears, and red pandas (our favorite!) all prefer the cooler temperatures. Much like your kids, who will probably want to spend ages in Hasbro’s Our Big Backyard no matter how cold it is. 

Help Our Community

Roger Williams Park Zoo is encouraging visitors to share the holiday spirit with the community by bringing non-perishable food items to benefit the Rhode Island Community Food Bank.  Boxes for food items will be at the front gates of the Zoo. It’s a great way to teach your children about generosity and giving back this time of year. 

So this Black Friday, skip the stores and head over to Roger Williams Park Zoo. Or better yet, send the in-laws with the kids!

See a complete list of the Rhode Island Community Food Bank’s Most Needed Items

For more information regarding the free admission day at the Zoo, please visit, 

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