Coffee Break with Supermom Mallory

We are so grateful that through our partnership with Dunkin’ we are able to recognize local moms.

Do you know a supermom? At Providence Moms Blog, we believe in celebrating ALL moms: worn out moms, stressed out moms, tired moms, and moms who need a break. THESE are supermoms. THESE are good moms. THESE are moms who deserve celebrating and who deserve a break.

The second supermom we are introducing you to is Mallory, who was nominated by her friend Ashley. Ashley and I dropped in on Mallory unannounced at 9am on a Sunday morning and what perhaps impressed me the most is that she looked human! This is an impressive feat for any mom at any time, but particularly at 9 on Sunday morning – slow claps for Mallory. Mallory’s husband is a firefighter and plumber, facts I think we can all agree automatically qualify her as a Supermom. I’m also particularly fond of her because I brought my youngest along on this coffee delivery and Mallory was incredibly gracious about having a wander around her house. She even sent us home with a cake pop which kept my daughter from falling asleep in the car (thereby missing her nap) so I am eternally indebted to Mallory. Read on to learn more about why Ashley thinks Mallory is a supermom!

How do you know Mallory?

I have known Mallory since 1st or 2nd grade. We were in the same Girl Scout troop until we were teenagers. Our moms are friends. And when she became a hairdresser I decided to ask her to start doing my hair since she was so close by. I’ve been going to her kids birthday parties for years now.

Tell us about Mallory’s family?

Mallory is a stay at home mom, operating a small business while she is raising 3 kids. Her husband, Chris, is a Pawtucket firefighter and a certified plumber. Needless to say, he works a lot. Their 3 kids are 11, 6, and almost 2.

Tell us why Mallory deserves a coffee break?

I think with her husband’s work schedule and 3 kids Mal deserves this. Her kids are great, mostly well-behaved kids, but anyone with three needs extra coffee in their life! She is always doing her best to give her family everything they need while running her cake pop business, getting the kids to all of their activities (softball, cross country, karate to name a few) and wrangling one large chocolate lab. With such big age differences between her brood, and as most moms know, different ages have different parent necessities. But Mallory is able to handle all that her family could need and still have time to make a Harry Potter cake for a birthday and be a part time hairdresser for her friends. She is definitely a super mom!

Thanks to Dunkin’ for providing Christy & Ashley with a much-needed coffee break.

If you know a mom who needs a coffee break, please fill out the form below to nominate her. 


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