Meal Prep For The Greater Good: Dream Dinners Serves Up Home Cooked Generosity to Local Families


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There’s nothing we like more than hearing about the generosity of businesses in our own communities. And there’s nothing we like more than a home cooked meal prepared by someone else. So when we heard a story that combined both, we knew we had to share it with you. 

In December, Beth Fies, Owner of Dream Dinners in Plainville, MA, asked her guests to nominate a family in need of a quality meal. The meal would be prepped at her Dream Dinners location, a meal prep service in Southeastern MA and then delivered to the family. She expected to get a few nominations, choose a family, and deliver the food. But the generosity of her team helped Beth to help her community members on a much higher level than she expected! 

Dream Dinners received 13 nominations from their guests brimming with stories of local families. “They were all so very powerful.  Many have experienced a great loss, significant health issues including both parents and children, and those so generous of heart and hope that they are supporting many family members and friends.”

Beth planned on choosing one family to receive the prepped and delivered meals, but as she and her staff read over the stories, it became impossible to pick just one. And so something wonderful happened. You see, the staff at Dream Dinners earn meals as part of their employment package. After reading the stories of the all the nominees, her team willingly donated their own meals to support the families they were reading about. 

“In the end, we chose four families to support with meals.  All are just being delivered by our guests this week and next, so we haven’t had much feedback yet, other than everyone being so thankful to be able to provide some relief to these families. We all have a renewed perspective on our own blessings, and that in and of itself is a gift.  Our mission at Dream Dinners is to provide wholesome meals to families so they can connect at least once a day over a good meal regardless of how difficult the rest of their day may be.” -Beth Fies

Meals are being delivered this week, and we can’t wait to hear more about the wonderful things Dream Dinners is doing in our community. 

If you are interested in learning more about Dream Dinners check out the “How it Works”  or “Dream Dinners vs. Meal Kit Delivery” videos.