Our Favorite Holiday Gifts for Kids


Mom's favorite holiday gifts for kids

Buying gifts for kids is hard. Every year we end up buying some hot new toy that the kids lose interest in before the wrapping paper is cleaned up. So we asked our team of moms for their best gift recommendations – what toys have continued to capture their kid’s interest and would be worth adding to this year’s list?  These are their recommendations.

Mom Approved Holiday Gifts for Kids

Board Games

“The sneaky sneaky squirrel game is my new go-to preschool-age gift!” – Amelia

“We love all of the games by Learning Resources! Sum-swamp, I Sea Ten, Pancake Pile-up, Noodle Knockout and Sight Word Stomp are some our favorites. They are both fun and educational and they make great gifts!” –Niki

Mp3 Play and Comfy Headphones

“We bought our two kids comfy kids headphones and an mp3 player (we like this one) and it may have been the single best decision of our lives. They LOVE listening to music on them. We load them up with kids podcasts for long car rides (my husband and I actually get to have a conversation!) and when they’re starting to get on each other’s nerves at home we can pop their headphones on with music or a podcast and give them some “space” from each other.” -Tracy

Amazon Echo Dot Kids

“I’m happy with our Alexa kid’s package we got last year. They love listening to audiobooks before bed. You can also pair it with an Echo Glow nightlight for their room.” – Jess

“We got an  Alexa Dot   for each kid’s room for Christmas one year. They use them every night to listen to audiobooks when they go to sleep, not to mention all of the hours they have spent playing games and listening to her jokes.” – Niki

Subscription Service

“My mother in law gave us a subscription to Kiwi Crate two years ago and it was fantastic! The kids were so excited to do it every month and I loves seeing all that brain-action happening!”
– Jessica

“We love kiwi crate too! I love that they have options for so many ages! Keep an eye on their site,- last year they did $5 boxes around black Friday! Make great small presents or stocking stuffers.” – Ashley

“Every year we get a Highlights subscription from Nanna. I know a lot of people don’t get magazines anymore, but my kids love getting mail! And it keeps them busy while we are in the car, a waiting room, or anywhere else we need a quick activity.” -Nicole

“I’m a minimalist so I love it when gifts don’t take up any space! Our gifted subscription to ABC ya! has been one of our favorites so far.” -Rebecca

Scooter or Bicycle

“We love, love, love our Micro Scooters. They are so lightweight and portable, making them easy to bring places it would be a pain to take bikes. We bought the Macro’s for our kids starting at 4 (and they are small kids) and they worked just fine. They frequently go on sale, so if you have time, sign up for their mailing list and wait for a sale.” – Tracy

“I’m thinking about asking our family members to chip in for a Guardian Bike for my 8 year old this year. It might seem silly to spend so much money on a bike that kids will (too quickly!) outgrow, but having a lightweight bike makes a huge difference.” -Christina


“NatGeo STEM kits make great gifts! They keep give us something to do during the cold winter days and since it’s National Geographic you know the science is on point.” -Niki

“Snap Circuits are great!!”-Robyn

“We loving getting sticker books, art supplies, and Play-doh because they are consumable and we go through them fast!” – Leeta

“Art kits are a saving grace every year for us! So many different options and we save them for snowed-in days or sick days. One year someone got us a box filled with googly eyes, pipe cleaners, pompoms, glitter glue, stickers, construction paper, etc. I love seeing what she creates.” – Jane

Lego, Magnatile & Other Building Toys

 “Also (and this may be obvious) but I cannot love Legos enough. Same with Magnatiles. My son can play with these things for HOURS. So much building and creativity!!”

“We have two sets of large, plain wood blocks by Melissa & Doug. They appropriate for toddlers and easy for them to build towers with, but my 8 & 9 year olds still use them to make zoos for their animal toys, secret bases for their super heroes, and ‘traps’ for intruders. They are a great investment and a great gift!” -Nicole

Laser tag (And other active play toys)

 “Laser tag! We got 2 sets, so 4 vests and guns. It’s such fun—they can play just the two of them and they have enough for friends. And we can sneak up on them and shoot them, which they love!” – Gigi

Storage (For ALL. THOSE. stuffed animals!)

“We bought a bean bag chair cover that doubles as a stuffed animal holder. There is finally a place to put the 9000 stuffed animals that my kiddo has acquired over the years!” – Jane
::Adds to Cart:: 💸

Speaking of stuffed animals…

GIANT stuffed animals. I was so beyond mad when my brother bought them as a joke but my kids use them for OT, for bedtime, for social skills, and gross motor because they are HUGE!” – Jenny
*Please proceed with caution when buying giant stuffed animals for other people’s kids😂

Our Favorite BIG Gifts for Kids

 Play Tables

 “My parents bought my kids a little kid-sized table with four kid chairs for our playroom and it is the BEST thing ever. They are 5 & 2 use it constantly. It’s awesome to have a designated area for coloring, crafts, etc.” – Elizabeth

“We bought our son a train table when he was two and he still plays with it all the time. He’s five now.” – Elizabeth

Play Kitchen ( & Pretend Playsets)

“ My son used his [play kitchen] from 3 until 8!” -Jenny

“Bought my boys one about 4 years ago. It still is played with very often.” -Jessica

“Bought my daughter a play kitchen one year and it was the best money I’ve ever spent. She played with that kitchen for 3+ years. I handed ours down to a friend when my daughter was 6…only because we needed the space.” -Jan

“Strictly speaking, this wasn’t a gift…but we found this Animal Care Activity Center on the side of the road with a sign that said “Free to a Good Kid.”  I cannot tell you how I managed to fit it in my car, but this thing is awesome. It’s so cute and well made. My two year old daughter AND my six year son both play with it; Simultaneously! A BIG Thank You! To the neighbor  who ‘gifted’ this to my daughter. After playing with this one, I’d highly recommend any of the Melissa & Doug play centers as a big ‘WOW!’ Christmas or birthday gift.” -Niki

Experiences, Experiences, Experiences!

When we asked our moms, “What are the best gifts for kids?” there was one category that came up over and over again: Experiences! Most of our moms favorite experiences gifts for kids  based we heard about included things like:

  • Memberships to the children’s museum, zoo, or aquarium
  • Gift cards to the trampoline park, indoor play space or laser tag
  • Tickets to movies, concerts, and other live performances
  • Day passes to amusement parks or other attractions
  • Paying for extra-curricular classes & activities



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