Do You Hate Bugs? Then You’ll Love Simply Safer Premium Lawn Care!

Ticks and mosquitoes are definitely a problem in Rhode Island. We are grateful to our partner, Simply Safer Premium Lawn Care, for helping us find a solution that will thrill moms and kids alike!

toddler walking on grass Providence Moms Blog

If you’re anything like me, you were counting down the days this winter until you could open up the back door and let your kiddos run free in the yard. And then glorious spring arrived and during your first trip outdoors you remembered: bugs. Specifically, those annoying mosquitos and dangerous ticks. When you live in a wooded area like I do, these bugs are beyond frustrating — they make it so you can’t even enjoy your time outside. My kids came in from our first few trips to the swing set with tons of mosquito bites, and we spent half our time outside swatting at bugs. For some tortuous reason, they seemed to especially enjoy flying around our heads. Then there was the complaining about the mosquito bites, and the scratching the bites open… I started to feel like it was almost not worth it to play outside in the first place.

I was also starting to worry a lot about ticks. Last year I had found one crawling on my dining room floor (I assume it fell off the dog?), and later in the season, we made an emergency trip to the pediatrician to have one removed that was embedded in my two-year-old’s head. I then spent the next two weeks watching him like a hawk for signs of Lyme. This year, a friend’s son has already been diagnosed with Lyme – and she constantly checks her kids for ticks! Despite all of this, my kids and I love being outside. What is a mom to do?

Enter Simply Safer Premium Lawn Care, a service that sprays your lawn with a treatment that gets rid of most ticks and mosquitos. It was crazy easy – I literally had to do nothing. They came by our house one day (I wasn’t even home), sprayed the lawn, and the next time we played outside (after waiting 24 hours), there were no bugs.

You heard that right… we went from swarms of bugs around our heads to zero bugs, which means zero itching, zero swatting, zero worrying, and – quite possibly the best part – zero toddler-complaining. Simply Safer made the experience of being outside completely different than it was before. We never have to head inside after 20 minutes, and my kids are so much happier playing outside all day. This means I’ve got plenty of time to tire them out and score a good nap! Simply Safer even offers an organic option if you’re worried about chemicals. I’m definitely planning on having them come back next month so we can continue to enjoy plenty of time in the great outdoors bug (and complaint!) free!

For more information about Simply Safer Premium Lawn Care, visit their website or call 1-866-GO-SAFER (467-2337).