Mama, I see you.


Mama, you’re exhausted. There’s no other way to say it –

You were up with the baby five times last night and you need to be up again at 5:00 a.m. for work. You take a shower and say to yourself, “Today will be better. Today I won’t yell. Today will be better.”

But, again you yelled because someone didn’t listen. You were rushed for pickup because you burnt dinner. You yelled because you were exhausted and burnt out.

But those are the things you see, you see yourself scolding, you see yourself coming up short, you see yourself hiding in the bathroom for two minutes of peace…You question yourself and the decisions you’ve made.

But Mama-

When you were in the grocery store and your kiddo asked for sugary cereal, I heard you sweetly re-direct them.

When your child asked for extra screen time you brought out a game they’d forgotten about.

When they asked for ice cream at the park on a hot day, you gave them an extra scoop with sprinkles just to see their face light up.

When they had a hard day at school because someone was mean to them, I saw the way you held them and let their body sink into yours and the world was lifted off their shoulders.

I see the way you smile when they learn how to tie their shoes after practicing for the last two weeks.

I see the way you cheer for them from the stands and how you sit in front and center at their school concert.

Mama, I see you.

I see how hard you work to raise a responsible young child, a kind and loving child. It’s not easy and sometimes it’s not fun.  But Mama, I see you and I see the love you have for that babe and that they are your whole world.

I see how they look at you – with nothing but love and admiration. You are their whole world. You’re their safe space. That’s why they act out around you. They have big emotions and big feelings, and you’re the only one they can be themselves around. They call you ‘Mama’ and that means ‘love.’ Even after they’ve said it 100 times in two minutes, it’s because they love you more than anything or anyone.

So, Mama, I see you. At the playground, in the library, when they’re having a meltdown… Mama, I see the love and devotion in your eyes.

Mama, I see you.


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