ShopPVD Live at The Malted Barley {Recap}


I do not love to shop, and gift giving is not my love language. It’s a bit more like a chore. Of course, like anyone, I love the joy it brings my loved ones when I nail the perfect gift, but I’m not terribly great at nailing the perfect gift. And when I have to buy a lot of gifts at once (*ahem* Christmas *ahem*) the chances that I manage to find all winners are drastically reduced. To overcome this, I’ve become one of those people who tries to be done with Christmas shopping way before Christmas. And for the past few years I’ve been super on the ball. I gradually bought gifts throughout the year and have had all my Christmas shopping completed by December 1st. That way I don’t have the stress of getting gifts hanging over me at a time of year I love so much. 

But this year I had my third baby. And the few forward thinking brain cells I had left flew right out of my brain. It was looking like there were going to be diapers under the tree and a whole lot of gift cards for everyone else on my list. Enter ShopPVD. Christmas = saved. Just as December was quickly approaching and I realized my shopping list was long, long, long, Providence Moms Blog and The Malted Barley swept in to save the day with a fun night of shopping, socializing, and beer. ShopPVD was PMB’s Holiday Gift Guide brought to life with a side of beer and the best pretzels in town.

I’ve been a fan of The Malted Barley for awhile. The location is warm and inviting, they have a fantastic drink selection and the most delicious pretzel sandwiches I’ve ever had. I love to stop in with my kids if I’m in the Westminster Street area during the day because I know I can always get them to eat something there. The first time I learned that they offer delivery to some locations through Grubhub, I instantly regretted ever moving to the suburbs. And as usual, they did not disappoint. The laid back atmosphere was perfect for the evening and the guests found themselves chatting and making new friends.


And as for the shopping? The Malted Barley was transformed into a marketplace full of truly incredible businesses. It was incredible to see the unique and varied businesses showcasing the perfect goods for every person on my holiday list. From candles, soaps, massages, coasters, books, clothes, and winter gear, shopping became less taxing with a beer in my hand, excellent company, and some of the cutest products I’ve ever seen in one place.


Thanks to Malted Barley and Providence Moms Blog, Christmas shopping was accomplished almost effortlessly. I hope you’ll all join me next year for ShopPVD Live!