Texting Can Wait


A car headlight smahed in as the result of a car accident from texting and driving

Texting and driving, we’ve all done it or seen someone do it. We think, “I can shoot this text off quick at the red light.” Or, “let me just “like” this Facebook post before I forget.”

The problem is harm is done. every. single. day.

We’ve all seen the videos on Facebook where someone is live streaming from their car, either holding their phone or their phone is secured to the dashboard. BUT,-you’re still distracted, and your eyes aren’t focused on the road where they are supposed to be.

Here’s the thing, if you’re distracted you’re going to hit someone. It might not happen every time, and it might not have happened today when you were texting, but it will happen. And when it happens, even if it’s a minor accident, it’s a headache. Not only are you losing an hour (at minimum) filling out a police report, but you’re getting a ticket and your insurance will increase.

Now, let’s imagine this scenario.

You have kids in the car. Your first thought is, “OMG, are the kids ok?” Adrenaline is rushing and you’re not even thinking of yourself. You’re calling 911 to report the accident and asking the kids basic questions like, what their names and birthdays are, and if anything hurts.

So, you’ve filed the police report, the paramedics have cleared you to go and you go home, only it doesn’t stop there. Now you need to call the insurance agency to file a claim. After that, you need to replace the car seats, destroy the old seats, make an appointment to repair your car, and go get a rental. All the while, you need to make dinner, pick up your husband who just flew in from Canada, help your kids with homework, and oh yeah, don’t forget to put away the groceries you bought before all this happened.

Now, that you’ve gotten your car seats from the store, you’re off to pick up your rental.

Your allowance is $40 a day, but they only have sedans and you’re used to a three-row SUV. You ask them to check again. For $20 a day (bringing your total to $60) you can get an Explorer. You know that’ll be easier for your family and agree to pay the difference. After an hour of waiting, you are heading home to go install the new car seats and you pick up your daughter from school before you’re late.

While installing car seats, it’s not working,-because why would it work on the first try? You call your husband who is in a staff meeting to give an update on his work trip. At this point, you’re convinced you’ll be late and you’re panicking. As he’s trying to calm you down, you’re getting more frustrated because it’s all hitting you now. Yes, everyone is ok, but what if they weren’t ok? What if you were hit that much harder and something worse, unspeakable, happened? And then you have a moment of big feelings. The tears are pouring out of you like a faucet and you can’t stop crying. All your husband can say is, “I’m coming home early. I love you. It’s ok.” You choke out, “No, no, you need to be there. I will see you for dinner.”

You get the seat in once you calm down. You put your youngest in the seat, double-checking the straps, and then checking them a third time; Can’t be too cautious. You get your daughter from school. You come home and sit on the couch and watch a movie. You finally breathe that sigh of relief your husband told you to take hours earlier, but you know this could all have been avoided if you weren’t texting and driving.

Let’s all put the phones down. The videos can wait, the texts can wait, and the Facebook likes can wait.


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