Top 3 Places To Explore Outdoors With Kids


Get Outside!

With spring weather just around the corner, it’s time to start finding places to explore outdoors with your kiddos. Warm weather is such a breath of fresh air after a winter full of indoor activities and crafts. Let that wanderlust take the lead and get outside! When my family and I moved to Rhode Island, there was lots adventuring and wandering. Our goal was to find places that would entertain the kids, while also being SAFE and STRESS FREE. 

The beach is always a great choice in the summer for the kids, but in all honesty it is a disaster for me. One kid wants to swim, one kid wants to run along the beach chasing seagulls, and my 2 month old will want to hide in the beach tent. How can I possibly do this all on my own while my husband is working? I CAN’T. So beach days are saved for when there are more adult hands to wrangle all the wild things. These are the top 3 places that I will be going to and encourage you to explore with your children. 

1. Sachuest Point (Newport)

This beauty is the absolute favorite in our family. Yes, if you live in northern RI it can be a bit of a drive, but it is worth it. Not only is it very convenient that Second Beach is located right next to this point (best place for a sunset, by the way), but it is full of variety. My kids love taking walks, and this path is the perfect distance. It is flat and only slightly sandy, so strollers are great on it. Once you take (the shortest) path to the water, you can park the stroller and let your kids climb down onto the rocky landing along the water. My kids LOVE collecting rocks, making rock towers, throwing stones in the waves, climbing on larger boulders, and watching seagulls. Easy entertainment where all I bring with me is the stroller and a water bottle. 

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2. Rome Point – John H. Chafee Nature Preserve (North Kingstown) 

This preserve is a great spot to take your kiddos if they are good on longer walks. Our 2 and 4 year old walked the whole way by themselves, but with a round trip of 2.4 miles, they got cranky on the way back. If you pack a picnic and feed them at the water before heading back, you should be good to go. The trail is quite rocky so strollers are not recommended. We loved that this was another spot our kids could collect rocks, throw them in the waves, find sea creatures, and explore the woods as well. There are many trails that stem off of the main trail that we would let the kids investigate, but without knowing how far long they are, we chose to remain on the main route. Rome Point is a very common place to spot seals! We haven’t seen any yet, but we will definitely be looking again. 

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3. Arcadia Wildlife Management Area (Exeter)

While this spot is more inland than our top two, it is also a great outdoor location for exploring. The management area has many trails, but our favorite is Teft Hill Trail. This is a circular trail made out of decking material (with railings) so it is very level and safe. Strollers are also doable on this trail! Our kids love this hidden gem because they can squeal as loud as they want, stare in amazement at the waterfalls, and run ahead of their parents without getting yelled at. They love climbing on logs in the woods, digging in the dirt with their fingernails, and watching for beavers. I just love watching them enjoy childhood. 

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