Why We Make Time for Concerts


When my husband and I were first dating, one of our favorite things to do was sit in his living room and talk music, play some of our favorite songs and introduce each other to new artists. 

I remember sitting on the couch, and telling him how I saw one of my favorite bands and he jumped on his coffee table and started playing the air guitar and we both fell over laughing. We talked about what concerts we had gone to and what bands we would love to see again (and maybe not see again). In that moment we decided we were going to a concert together, we didn’t care what concert, but we knew we had to see a band.

Fast forward 8 years together, 2 houses and 2 kids we still make time for concerts at least 4 times a year. It’s a way for us to re-connect and have something to look forward to. Usually, a few weeks before the show we listen to the band’s albums on the weekends and talk about what songs we hope they play and we make a plan to grab dinner or drinks before the show.

It’s a blast, we sing on the way up and at the restaurant, we have a strict rule of not talking about the kids. This is a time for us, as a couple. These are some of my favorite moments because we are able to be the people we were before kids; before the stressors of everyday life. After the show might be my favorite part, on the drive home we talk about the show, the best parts, songs we have a whole new appreciation for and talk about the opening acts. 

I’ve discovered some amazing bands and some of my best memories are with my husband at concerts, it’s our time to let loose and that’s why we make time for it. It’s the one thing we won’t give up or negotiate on. We fell in love over music.