Support Local Business {Covid-19 Resource}



River running by a city
Photo by Tina Chelidze

During uncertain times, small businesses are the first to suffer. These families and individuals depend on us for support. You can be sure that mega-corporations like Target and Walmart have the resources to weather the storms of a fickle economy, but the same cannot be said for the local mom & pop shops that make our community special. And if the unstable economic climate happens to be the result of a global pandemic that has everyone self-isolating for weeks on end….well that just adds insult to injury. Here are a few ways we can help our community through these ups & downs, most of which you can do without even leaving your house.

Buy Gift Cards

Digital gift cards can be a huge help to a small business because they get the benefit of using your money now to keep themselves afloat, and you can either save it to redeem later or pass it along as a gift. Rebelle Artisan Bagels, Aleppo Sweets, Al Forno, Knead Donuts, Gracie’s all have gift cards available for purchase online even during closures.

Hit the Drive Through

If your favorite local shop has a drive-through now is a good time to use it. Consider swinging by Providence Bagel, Brewed Awakening, Aroma Cafe, or Coffee Connection for your cup of coffee instead of Dunkin’ or Starbucks. Support local without leaving your car! (I know there must be more out there, so please share the wealth and let me know!) 

Food Delivery Services

Ordering food through Door Dash, Uber Eats, and Grub Hub are simple ways to patronize your favorite restaurants from your couch. And of course, many restaurants offer their own take our and delivery, which often costs less than using a third-party service for both you and the restaurants! 

Curbside Pick-up & Takeout 

Even more, places are offering take out options now. Eat Drink RI has compiled an entire list of places here. And you can always call your favorite establishments to see what options they have available. 

Grocery delivery

Certain small grocers and farmers are offering delivery services, including Roch’s Fresh Foods, Pat’s Pastured & The Local Catch. Munro Dairy is another great option for grocery delivery that allows you to support multiple local food companies with your purchase and they deliver anywhere in the state of Rhode Island as well as Southern Massachusetts. 

Online Ordering

This one is already second nature. Many local businesses operate online as well so you can shop there without ever setting foot outside. Cerulean, Bolt Coffee, Auras Chocolate Bar, Rhed’s Hot Sauce, Evolve Apothecary,  Providence Perfume Co, Jahmu Chai, Shore Soap Co, J Marcel, Stock, New Harvest, Riveted Woodworking and Design, and Martinelli’s (formerly PV Farm Stand) can all be shopped online. It’s also a good time to place an order with your favorite direct sales consultant if you have one.

Patronize Local Markets

When you inevitably do have to leave your house to pick up a few essentials try to visit smaller retailers like Urban Greens Co-op or Green Line Apothecary. They need your dollar much more than Whole Foods or CVS.

Tell us your favorite local small business in the comments so we can all show them some love!!