To the Aunties, on Mother’s Day


You probably won’t get a Mother’s Day card today. You might get a shout-out on Facebook, or even a lucky few will get a present, but traditionally you won’t be the one getting recognition. Which is why I want to say this on behalf of all mothers out there, especially today – Thank You!

You may go by Aunt, Tia, or Tante, but the fact is Aunties are so often the ones to take kids when things are stressful, when Mom needs a break, when times are tough. They’re the ones who give the extra fruit snacks, hug away the tears, or become the shoulder to cry on. Crafts are done, cupcakes baked, laughs shared, and credit needs to go where it’s deserved – Mom’s need you, appreciate you, and see you. Without you, we’re not our best “Us”.

My son has more Aunties than we can count – mostly because I have so many sisters, but also because his “Aunties” are also our best friends and cousins. They’re the ones who let him paint on their walls, take him on sleepovers, throw him a private Halloween party or scavenger hunt, tell him ridiculous stories about his mother, and feed him extra treats. They’re also the first ones to swoop in and take him when we need them – the secret superheroes of parenting! Some are Moms themselves, some are proudly and solely his Aunt – all of them are my heroes.

While I’ve been lucky to have a few of these figures in my own life, the top spot belongs to my Auntie Laurie. While my sisters were at their other parents’ houses, school was out, and Mom still had to work, in swooped my Auntie! I spent long summer days with my cousin, swimming in the reservoirs of Chepachet, going to Riverside park (now Six Flags), playing in sprinklers, and making fantastic crafts like sand art and headbands wrapped in ribbons. As an adult I can recognize, appreciate, and awe at the fact that she was in her late 20’s with 2 VERY rambunctious 6/7 year olds, and I don’t remember her yelling or getting mad at us (just the occasional “Giiiirls” in an exasperated tone). She is who I model my own Aunt-ing after, and the person I strive to be for my nieces and nephews.

Today, as a Mom, as a Sister, and as a Niece, I want you all to know you are an example I live up to, an extra dose of love when needed most, and a person I appreciate beyond words.

So on behalf of us all, Happy Mother’s Day to you too, Auntie.

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