13 Ideas for Celebrating Valentine’s Day from Local Parents

Photo Credit: Amanda Teixeira

Looking for some V-Day inspiration? Us too. So we asked our writers how they celebrate Valentine’s Day and here’s what they said:

“We are starting 14 days until Valentine’s Day! Every day I will put a heart on each of the kids’ bedroom doors, saying something I love about them. My toddler is now into holidays so it’s been fun thinking of ways to make it fun for him.” – Amanda

“We make valentine cards for his daycare friends as a family, picking up supplies from the craft store and making each one personalized. Also, we do a morning valentine’s gift and breakfast of heart pancakes with strawberries and whip cream!” -Lauren

“My husband and I have worked every Valentine’s Day since we’ve been together. We both were bartenders and that’s a big night for the biz! This year we can spend it together, but will probably do nothing special.  But I usually get my son some candy and a cute little card.” -Alex

“We have a Valentine’s Day birthday in our family, so that’s what we do. I always try to do the hearts “what I love about each kid” thing for fourteen days but it’s hard to keep up with, for 4 kids.” – Anonymous

“I found out I was pregnant with my oldest on Valentine’s day so Valentine’s is always very kid-centric for us. A Valentine’s sensory table set up, we make Valentines for everyone they love, have heart shaped breakfast and special Valentine’s “date” dinner… kids pick.”- Jenny

“My son was 6 days old on his first Valentine’s Day so we started a Cupid picture tradition and have done it every year since. This year our newest addition will join in on the fun!”  -Rebecca

Man holding baby who is wearing only a diaper, and a bow tie
Photo Credit: Rebecca Legere

“We often just share something we love about each other at the dinner table on V day.” – Anonymous

“I wish I did something more cute and creative. Maybe just a heart craft of some sort and I make them wear red of course. Realistically, in the 10 years we’ve been together, I think we have only gone out on the 14th maybe… one time? If we do anything, we celebrate on a different day. Date nights and babysitters are hard to come by!” Bridget 

“Our son creates Valentines for his best friends at school. We prompt him to think about what his friends love and what he loves about them. And then he creates a personalized gift for them. Additionally as a mom of three boys, my husband works with the boys to create a surprise for me. They love going to the grocery store and picking out flowers that they think I will like.” -Beth

“We go out just us and leave my kids with my sister and her husband. And then the following week we take my sister’s kids. We don’t really celebrate the kids and get them stuff, because I didn’t get stuff growing up and never celebrated until I was in a relationship.” -Emily

“Last year we had a glow stick dance party after a special dinner with ‘kid wine’ (sparkling apple cider in plastic wine glasses). The kids also decorated heart shaped boxes from Dollar Tree for each other and I filled them with candy. This year I’ve got my kids some glitter heart toilet bombs instead of candy! Who knows – it might even encourage them to actually flush the toilet after they go!!”- Vicky


How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? Pop it in the comments below!❤️