Where to Donate Used Items in Rhode Island


We have 3 piles of “outgoing” things in our home to donate.  They live in separate boxes on top of our dryer and are constantly being emptied and filled up again.  One is kids clothes to pass onto friends, one is clothes that my sister and I basically trade back and forth and the other is ever growing and made up of stuff we no longer use or need.  It’s not exactly a Marie Kondo approved system, but it works for us!  The third pile mentioned typically ends up at Savers which is super close to our home.

While donating to Savers (and shopping there) benefits many people, I thought I’d share some other local places that accept donations too!  This is certainly not an exhaustive list, but these places are more than happy to accept our gently used or new items to pass along to others!  Before we dive into what and where they are, let’s review some donation basics.

First, check out the organization’s website or call to ensure that they will accept your items.  Depending on the location, needs can change over time and being inundated with items they can’t use or store can be burdensome on the already busy staff and volunteers.  A few extra minutes on our end can be tremendously helpful for them!

And second, make sure whatever you are passing on is in good, working condition.  If you have ripped or stained clothes, bring those to Savers or Goodwill (you can find local stores at their website) where they actually have a textile recycling program!  If you have electronics that aren’t in working order, you can recycle those, too!  Just check your towns collection date and hang onto them for a bit longer rather than dropping them at a donation location.

Alright, so here are 5 alternative places to donate your gently loved, working items that may no longer be bringing you joy, but will bring immeasurable joy to someone else.

1. The Village for RI Foster and Adoptive Families

Is there anything more amazing than a family taking in kiddos who aren’t their own to be just that?  Many of these families are giving of their time, energy and entire being, and any material help they can get is welcomed.  This organization located in Cranston welcomes donations of cribs, baby gear, and clothes.  They also take toy and book donations seasonally, so check in with them before you bring those too!

2. Amos House

Located in Providence, RI, this organization is helping to build strong individuals and families who are faced with homelessness.  They do so by meeting the basic needs of individuals.  They serve around 500 hot meals PER DAY and help around 200 individuals per year through their 90-Day reunification course which helps transition families from living on the streets to having permanent residence in one of their 12 residential homes in the area.  What incredible work!  You can donate your good condition used clothing of any size as well as small toys and household items.  Please call ahead to see if they can accept any larger items.

3. The Providence Rescue Mission

Their mission statement, as found on their website is: “To reach the homeless and needy of Rhode Island’s urban centers with the Gospel of Jesus Christ while providing physical, emotional, educational and rehabilitative services at no expense to those in need.”  They pursue and live this out through various programs and generally accept used clothes, books and games donations as well as linens, sheets, and housewares for their women’s shelter.  Items can be dropped off right at their front desk!

4. House of Hope CDC

At House of Hope, their mission is helping the homeless find homes!  They work tirelessly year after year to get people into homes and to work with policymakers to ensure that everyone can have a safe, stable home.  They accept men’s and women’s clothing in good condition, especially seasonally appropriate items like coats, gloves, boots, etc.  They also typically accept smaller household items like plates, flatware, and small appliances.  Their storage space is limited, so they can not accept large furniture or appliance type items.

5.  This last one is I’m sure one of many like it in the area, but what a cool idea!  Rather than a virtual yard sale site, it is a virtual “donate the things you no longer want away to someone else who may really benefit from them” site!  You can request to join right here!  Bless others and be blessed!!

I don’t know about you, but it is a breath of fresh air to see that there are wonderful organizations filled with incredible people working hard to make a change.  It is easy for me to forget just how big of an impact a small donation of clothing can have.  Happy decluttering and donating!


  1. Thanks for encouraging folks to donate gently used clothing and recycle textiles! All items donated at Savers support Big Brothers Big Sisters of Rhode Island’s youth mentoring programs. You can also schedule a free home pick up of donations at http://www.DonateRI.org.

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