Rhode Island Area Photographers: 2019 Guide to Family Friendly Photos

We're thrilled to partner with the photographers below, recommended by all of you!

Thank you to the photographers below for sponsoring this guide.

Finding a family photographer is an important decision, and it’s not always easy! We asked YOU, the moms in our community, for your favorite photographers, and you came through!  We’re thrilled to present the photographers in this Guide to Rhode Island Area Photographers, knowing that they have been recommended by Rhode Island moms! 

We believe in the real moments your family experiences every single day. Our littles grow at speeds our hearts will never be quite fully prepared for. What if you could freeze time? What if you could capture that crinkle nosed mischievous giggle forever or simply baking with your littles? At Eisley Images we believe in capturing your family just as you are – playful, joyfully laughing and simply existing in your natural habitat. Gone are the days of sitting in a stuffy studio in matching outfits begging your sweet babes to smile by way of bribing with Goldfish and the promise of ice cream after. Welcome to the goodness that is “a lifestyle session” where even Dad’s will walk away – dare I say – smiling. A lifestyle session looks different for every family because it’s uniquely tailored to you. Contact Christy & George today for a free consultation. We’ll tell you all about our playful, friendly approach and our parenting arsenal of tools we come equipped with.

My promise: Have you ever looked at a photograph and been blown away by the beauty in a simple smile, laugh, or everyday moment? Those very things are the reason why I became a photographer. To see beauty in moments and people, then to capture those moments, so others can see themselves the way I do… it is miraculous! I truly take pride in providing you with quality images and a great experience. It may seem like lots of laughs and fun (I hope so anyway), but after the session you will receive a beautiful and professional gallery filled with your own personal art. You will come away from your experience with KM Photography feeling satisfied and with a treasure to pass on for generations. Contact me, Kirsten, to learn more about how to customize your perfect session experience! I photograph everything from boudoir and engagements to newborns, families, and senior portraits (Learn more about me below!)

~About Kirsten~
Owner/Lead photographer and retouching artist
Lover of laughter, authentic expressions of emotion, and special moments.
Mom to three kool (and whacko) kids. Wife to an amazingly supportive husband. Cat and dog mom.
Super awesome friend to many!
Pizza eating and wine drinking aficionado
Dislikes: Dieting, whining, and pessimism

My name is Sheila, I am a photographer Rhode Island based. I have always loved being behind the camera catching those beautiful moments each photo brings in their own unique way. I knew that one day I wanted to capture the love, laughs, tears, & joy of others, to be the person that captured their memories for eternity. Photography can tell a story, whether it is a one image story, a series or a sequence.

On location lifestyle and portrait photography. Capturing those fleeting, charmed moments you long to remember in a relaxed atmosphere. I love working with natural light to capture the loving connections and tender emotions that make your story unique. My photos are candid and real, with minimal editing to produce final images that are bright, honest and true to this beautiful life.

We specialize in maternity, newborn and milestone portraiture, featuring all inclusive studio and lifestyle sessions. Childhood is such a magical time and those special little moments are gone before we know it! Giggles and grins and tiny fingers and toes… these are your memories and we want the images from your session to be a true reflection of your family. So we come together to create a personal experience for each and every client. Classic studio looks, beautiful beaches or the whimsical art of Heidi Hope Designs. Whatever your vision for capturing these moments, we customize each session to your personal style.. We will be working together to capture some of the most special moments in your life! From baby bump to tiny fingers and toes to baby’s first birthday, we take the utmost care to make each and every session a personal and memorable experience.

Photography that focuses on the unique personalities of the individuals in front of my camera. Works are contemporary, intimate, and authentic in settings that compliment the subject. Available for Portraiture, Families, Weddings, Bat and Bar Mitzvahs.

Our all-natural light studio is located in North Seekonk, MA. Right on the Rhode Island border.

As a full service studio, our goal is to create an amazing experience and product. We are passionate about creating images that are more than just photos, but art you can hang on your walls, and gorgeous products you can share with family and friends and pass down to your children.
We strive to make your entire experience, from booking your session to receiving your custom artwork, a professional and enjoyable one. We will work extensively with you to plan the details of your session and guide you through choosing products to fit your needs. I absolutely love every moment I get to pick up my camera and photograph these precious, tiny little wonders, and I look forward to meeting you and your family soon!

The birth of your child is something that only happens once; there are no retakes. As a professional, I work discreetly and quietly to ensure your birth story is preserved in great detail for you to treasure for years to come. It is my sole responsibility to gracefully and artfully capture every detail of your birth story, from beginning to end. I also offer Fresh 48 sessions. These take place in the hospital (or at home for home/birth center births) during the first 48 hours of your baby’s life. Our little ones change so quickly during those early days, and it is so important to remember every detail of when they were small and new. These are lifestyle sessions with little to no posing. Adventures Unplugged are a new session that I am offering this year. I’ll tag along on your next family event – let me capture your zoo or beach excursion while you enjoy time with your family. Put your phone back in your pocket, and live in the moment. Contact me today to book your free consultation for more information.

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