A New Way to Zoo- Southwick’s Zoo Zoofari


deer at Southwick Zoo Zoofari

Everything in our children’s world has changed in the blink of an eye. For my 2-year-old this meant no more zoo trips or Target runs. Needless to say, he was devastated. As a primarily stay at home mom and per diem nurse I love our outings to the zoo just as much as he does. This summer is different so I took the opportunity to look into new and socially distant ways to explore the world with him!

Southwick’s Zoo Zoofari is the perfect event! Monday and Wednesday nights the zoo closes early to allow for a unique experience. Wednesday, July 8th we embarked on our journey! We loaded up the car and went on a 45 minute guided tour through the zoo… in our car!

We visited Southwick’s Zoo last summer so we knew all the amazing things it had to offer. This experience was unlike any other. We arrived at the zoo a half-hour before our scheduled departure time. When we arrived, zoo staff checked us in and gave us a sheet with instructions, as well as a free ticket for our next zoo visit! I had packed snacks for us, but they do offer concessions which can also be done right from your car. We downloaded the soundtrack to our phone ahead of time- I highly recommend this because internet access was a bit spotty.

Soon it was our turn to enter the zoo, we followed the designated track and saw every animal that was in an outdoor enclosure. From flamingos to monkeys, giraffes to deer every minute of the ride was filled with animals. Staff members were in various locations with smaller animals like turtles (and the snacks!). I would have to say the best part for us was riding thru the deer forest! Dozens of deer walking right beside our car! Matthew thought they were Santa’s reindeer!

All in all, this was money well spent for our family! Yes, $60 per car seemed a bit expensive, but you can get everyone who can fit in your car in for that price. And honestly, I would spend it again to see the look of pure joy on my little guy’s face!

Southwick’s Zoo Zoofari is Monday and Wednesday nights at 4:30, 5:30, and 6:30 pm. They have various dates throughout the summer. Tickets can be purchased at the website.

giraffes at Southwick Zoo Zoofari