Little Seeds is Big Fun for Your Tiniest Loves!

We are happy to bring you this post in partnership with Little Seeds in Plainville, MA.

Have you been to Little Seeds? If you have a toddler and live in Southern New England, having an indoor play place nearby is clutch. Between freezing cold, scorching heat, and intense precipitation, the number of days you can reasonably spend outside around here is about 15.3 per year. We all know that your children (and you) will go stir crazy cooped up in the house all day, so my boys and I love a good space to move and play inside. When I heard a new play place had opened in nearby Plainville, I had to bring my two and four-year-olds to check it out.

small child standing at child sized table in the indoor playspace little seedsLittle Seeds was Owner Debbie Bock’s vision to create a calm and curated environment for children to simultaneously learn and have fun. Because of her daughter’s sensory needs, she envisioned a place where little ones could have a great time without feeling overwhelmed by their environment. Fittingly, when you walk into Little Seeds, the vibe is inviting but relaxed. Instead of toys everywhere (like my house), the space is separated into five different themed areas. Each of the areas has been carefully constructed to draw children in for a rich, extended, and educational playtime.

In a new place stocked full of toys, my children usually flit around, checking everything out. The design at Little Seeds enticed them to stay and play in each area and truly get something out of the experience. Their favorite, I think, was the kitchen area. It included an ice cream shop set, bakery set, cash register, tons of play food and dishes, a tea set, two microwaves, two tables with chairs… The list goes on and on. Everything was so high quality -all my favorite toy brands. My boys could have stayed there all day. My younger son adored the train/construction area. He happily rolled construction vehicles down a nearby slide, hammered at a pretend tool desk, and played with the pretend firehouse.


Even with all these materials, the place was amazingly uncluttered. Not only was everything stored in a way that blended in beautifully with the space, but every once in a while an employee would come through and do a quick clean up. This really contributed to the chill vibe for me; it’s super hard for me to relax in a mess. Although my boys mostly wanted to show me everything they were playing with, I also snuck away for a few to relax on the comfy couches situated smack in the middle of the room, where I could see my kiddos no matter where they wandered. More people came in during our visit, but it stayed blissfully quiet despite the many children playing. They were all so busy and engaged! And although there was obviously a lot of movement, it wasn’t the frenetic pace that I’m used to with toddlers and preschoolers.

There was so much more that my kids enjoyed at Little Seeds. A gorgeous playhouse. A MagnaTile wall. A camping setup. More costumes than anyone could try on in one morning. And my kids’ strange favorite – a pretend shop-vac with fuzz inside that spun around when you turned it on. Whatever floats your boat, kids.

small white children playhouse at little seeds

Little Seeds also offers numerous extras, including craft projects, music class, and sensory bins, depending on what day of the week you visit. Birthday parties are available too. They do not allow outside snacks (the safest way to be a nut-free facility!), but they have a variety of healthy snacks and treats available for purchase, along with a great selection of top-notch gifts. A coffee bar is available, as is a number of workspaces and free WiFi. Little Seeds is everything young families could ask for, and we’ll definitely be back for more!woman sitting at a table working on her laptop in a cafe at little seeds playhouse



Little Seeds is a modern indoor play, party, and retail space in Plainville, MA.  Our focus is on creative play for children 6 and under, and we have a calendar full of fun events like art, music, sensory play, and story time.  Stop by to see us for drop-in play, check out our hand-picked selection of unique toys and gifts, or get in touch for a fun, stress-free birthday party!