Summer Fun: Where We’re Going to Visit this Summer


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Like most parents today, I have a Pinterest board full of activities that I’d like to do with my children someday.  Realistically we’ve done maybe two of them in the past two summers. This year we’re shaking things up. There will be no summer camp, no overscheduled days; we’re going to take our it week by week. I’m going to try to fit as much wholesome family summer fun into those 60 days as possible, even if it breaks me!

(Spoiler alert- it will.)

We live in a great area for kids. Within a short car ride, we can arrive at any of the great Rhode Island and Massachusetts beaches. with a semi-long drive, we can be in the White Mountains visiting Humpty Dumpty.

There’s a fine line between doing it all and enjoying the summer for the break it’s supposed to be for kids while keeping them entertained enough to not hear “we’re bored” 1000 times a day. As a life-long New Englander and mama of two, here are a few of my go-to summer (and some year-round) kid-friendly activities and places to visit:

To visit:

To do at home:

If all else fails; find a beach, pack a cooler and make the trip. It may seem daunting to get everyone out the house, but your children will love it and looking back you’ll be so glad you went. What are your simple ideas for summer fun?