Backyard Water Fun Activities


boys jumping into kiddie pool Providence Moms BlogIt’s officially summer! As romantic as that sounds, every parent knows what that really means: kids with lots of energy who need a way to have fun and cool down. No budget for an in-ground pool or to take them to a water park every day? Here are a few fun (and cheap!) ideas to have a splash!

Floating plates

Using a small pool (or large storage tub, or anything that will hold water) float different colored plastic plates. Give each child sponges that have been cut in half. Challenge each child to toss their sponges and land on the different plates without tipping them over! Create a game with points or just use it to practice colors with littles!

Sponge Toss

Using chalk, create different sized circles to create targets. Add points to each circle. Draw a line from which they need to stand behind and give them each a different color sponge. Let them practice tossing them to get as many points as possible. You could even draw a scoreboard! And an added bonus is using the sponges from the first activity, a.k.a saving money!

Car Wash

This one is simple but fun! Do your kids have a cozy coup? It’s probably time for a car wash! Give them a bucket of soapy water and a sponge and teach them how to wash their car. Or better yet, teach them how to wash yours!

I Love Lucy Balloon Stomp

Sometimes you just need an activity to get them giggling! Remember that iconic scene from I Love Lucy when Lucy and Ethel were stomping grapes? Recreate that with water balloons! Use a pool or a storage tub and let them get their sillies out by stomping as many balloons as they can! You could even show them the clip from the show!

Staying cool and having fun doesn’t always have to cost a lot. We hope you can make a splash with your kids using some of these easy and affordable ideas!


boys playing in kiddie pool Providence Moms Blog